UK weather forecast-as summer finally begins, bank holiday weekends will become SCORCHER with temperatures as high as 25C

Long-term weather forecast

This is the Met Office forecast from Tuesday, June 1 to Thursday, June 10.

The forecaster said: “The anti-cyclone model will continue to bring warm and stable environments in many areas next week.”

“However, a shower of rain will affect the remote areas in the northwest, making it more unstable and cooler for a while.

“Although there may still be a lot of dry weather in the first week of June, starting from the middle of this week, showers in the south and west may be heavy, there may be thunder, and there may be long periods of rain.

“The temperature is likely to remain near or above average. By the end of this period, conditions for the split from the northwest to the southeast have become more likely; the northwest is more unstable and cooler, and the southeast is drier and warmer.”

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