Live free, TV channel, today is the time for the British heavyweight boxing match

Thor BJORNSSON (THOR BJORNSSON) returned to the boxing ring today, he faced Simon Vallily (Simon Vallily).

Icelandic strongman continues his preparations Fierce duel with British Eddie Hall, And set their boxing match in September.

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Thor returns to boxing action todayCredit: EPA

Thor participated in “Mountain Game of Thrones” (Mountain Game of Thrones). In the three rounds of exhibition battles, he hopes to continue to lead the overall situation.

When is Thor vs Vallily?

  • The battle was held today at Conrad Dubai Hotel.
  • The operation of the undercard has ended, so the main event is NEXT.
  • This is due to ongoing 3.30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Which TV channels and live broadcasts can I watch?

Unfortunately, you cannot watch the battle on British TV channels.

But you can stream for free by Core movement.

Just register a free account to watch all operations in the browser.

How much weight did Raytheon lose?

Hercules and GOT actor Thor recently experienced an amazing and impressive weight loss.

Known as “the heaviest boxing match in history” Bjornsen Yes Contend with rival strongman Eddie Hall In September.

Hafthor Bjornsson revealed in an Instagram post in May 2021 that he has lost about 110 pounds.

Bjornsson is 6-foot-9 and previously weighed more than 400 pounds.

Last year, he lifted 1,104 pounds in a gym in his hometown of Iceland, breaking a world record.

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