Kevin Cooney (Kevin Cooney): As the Phillies’ trading season approaches, they begin to control the market

Any baseball season that comes on Memorial Day means two things: The summer heat is here, and it’s time to reassess your roster.

The good news for the Phillies is that they started the game in second place at the weekend, with a record of just under 0.500. The bad news is that the number of loopholes on and off the roster has been exposed. As the damage piled up, the idea that the core of this unit might need to be reorganized became more and more apparent.

At this point, Dave Dombrowski did not marry anyone. This is what makes the trade deadline very interesting, because if the Philly is still struggling, he can decide to reorganize immediately. And because the weak league system and big clubs need to be overhauled, it is very important to select players in suitable positions.

So, how to carry out advertising? Well, if the team withdraws from the race, this is the way the reporter will take it. Again, you might say that this is too early, and it is likely to be the case. However, the obvious thing is that you must be prepared for this potential.

For the sake of space and brevity, we will not arrange everyone’s time. (If you have to ask Matt Moore or Chase Anderson for the position, we are of no avail.) But these are the main characters we will find interesting.

Tier I: No discussers even

Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto, Zack Wheeler, Zach Eflin

The first two names on the list are the main reasons the Phillies may attract anyone on the court this summer and next year. They are the cornerstone of franchising. They also have long-term contracts, which are too expensive for any team in the sport-yes, including the Yankees and Dodgers. You can reach out to the injured area-it doesn’t matter. They will not go anywhere.

Wheeler and Evelyn are here for different reasons. Wheeler has established himself as the Phillies’ trump card. You will have him until 2024. This time limit allows him to become the starter of the Phillies’s first game in the playoffs. Eflin’s final arbitration year is coming soon, and his worth is relatively low at $4.4 million. He also showed great hope and is likely to become third in the playoffs. Unless there is an exciting deal, Eflin will not be moved.

Tier 2: You should keep an open mind, but only at an appropriate price

Alec Bohm, Aaron Nola

The thing for Bohm is simple: he is their best young shooter, and he has just entered his second year, which means there is no need for arbitration and can control the club for many years. Yes, defensively, he is not a third baseman, and the trouble he encountered on the battlefield this year has continued into the game. (Have bad luck But his advantage is still very strong. These are the controllable daily talents on the roster that the team hopes to have.

This feeling must also apply to Nora. He has incredible advantages and is a product of the farm system-arguably the best candidate for their production for ten years. His shortcomings exist, but in most cases he is still strong. By 2023, Nola will sign a contract at a relatively affordable price of USD 15.5 in the next two years. (The 2023 contract is a club choice.)

So why should it be open? Because of their contract situation and their potential can make the transaction get the most return. In order to maximize the aforementioned core, the Phillies must fill multiple loopholes at different levels and do not have the necessary resources in the minor leagues. Both Bohm and Nola can help achieve this goal-in fact, they may be the most realistic way to achieve this goal.

It’s best to be creative when you are in the Phillies. Moving Bohm and Nora would definitely backfire. But this may also bring the greatest return to change the face of franchising.

Tier III: Not sure what you will get

Rhys Hoskins, Jean Segura, Spencer Howard, Didi Gregorius

Let’s start with Segura, he should seek on-site tools, and the controllable period of his contract starts in 2023. But his thinking was that he jumped between teams, didn’t make a playoff appearance, and frustrated people throughout the season. The game certainly made him take a tough move.

Hoskins is weird because he is still a year away from the free agent market, and under the right circumstances he can still come up with some very valid numbers. But the lack of a defensive position is definitely a killer for him. And even after the collective bargaining agreement is reached, the designated batsman seems to join the American National League in 2022, the teams are not completely in the mode of making a person a stable DH, they are more inclined to use these swings as players. Potential ways to keep players off the court with their feet largely in the lineup.

In theory, Howard should be on the first or second floor. But his injury history may depress any potential returns from the trade. His role is still uncertain at this time, and this fact may bring a lot of uncertainty. The Phillies will not trade him at this time. Part of the reason may be that the return is so dim that it makes no sense to even consider it.

Gregorius’ contract and his elbow injury make you think that even if you can trade him, he won’t attract much money.

Level 4: Lessor

There are many free agents on this roster, they are very suitable here, and may not bring much return. Some of these names include Andrew McCutchen, Vince Velasquez, Archie Bradley, Odubel Herrera And Hector Neris. Of these names, Neris is the most interesting because he can play many different roles, and his salary allows him to afford the burden of competitors vying for the last piece of work. (Velasquez has also increased his recent value.) Herrera’s situation is obviously more complicated, because domestic violence kept him for two full years. (Herrera’s contract was bought out at the end of this year.) However, there may be a team looking for a bench that may be of interest.

Fifth Floor: Reclamation Project

Do you know sad? The top two top ten picks (Mickey Moniak, Adam Haseli) and one-time organization’s best position player prospect (Scott Ginger) will be under this umbrella. An organization may choose any of them in order to find some value.But you get nothing major.

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