Healthy ways to deal with the loss of loved ones

At some point, everyone will experience the death of their loved ones. Although feeling depressed in the grief that is about to happen, it is important to remember that these feelings are completely normal. There are many ways to deal with bereavement, but it is important to do it in a healthy way and allow you to move on.

Deal with losses
This is a journey that takes time. Although it is essential to continue living, this is by no means the first step. This does not mean that you will forget the people you lost. Here are five healthy ways to help you relieve pain:

1. Mourning

Take time to mourn. This may involve public ceremonies and celebrations, memorial ceremonies, or just taking some time to deal with the loss yourself. You may cry, feel depressed, or have physical symptoms such as loss of appetite. It is important to feel these emotions.Suppress them or ignore your needs can have

Long-term consequences
, Such as drug abuse.

2. Understand the stages of grief

You may experience

Five stages of grief
. These reactions may not happen in a specific order (some may not happen at all), but first be prepared to feel denial and doubt, then feelings of anger, bargaining, frustration and sadness, and finally to be accepted. Understanding that each of these stages is normal and allowing them to happen is essential to achieving acceptable losses.

3. Interdependence

Remember, you are not the only person suffering from grief.This

The support of others is essential
, And you should not be afraid to seek it. Funerals and similar rituals bring people together and it is helpful to take time to continue the healing process by talking to others. Even if you don’t want to talk, just being with someone you know you love can help you deal with your loss.

4. Take your time


Not set a timetable to make someone sad
. Depending on your personality, how close you are with the deceased, and other factors, the loss may take days, weeks or even longer. Don’t force yourself to “overcome it”. Take time to feel lost and try other healthy activities that make you feel good, while giving yourself time to adapt.

5. Consider what will happen

In the darkest hour, it’s important to remember this

What’s the other side of these feelings
: The life your loved one wants you to live. Try to motivate yourself to exercise, sleep and eat. Think about the things in life that your lost loved ones gave you, and accept that you must live in the present.

Finally, it’s important to remember

The feeling that no magic can disappear
. Birthdays, anniversaries, or even listening to a favorite song can trigger sadness. These feelings are part of the memory of respecting the person you love and can still be part of the acceptance. Bereavement is not an easy task, but embracing the journey is essential to spend the rest of your life the way your loved one wants.

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