Face-to-face time: Adeleh Nejati

As an architecture undergraduate and summer intern, Adeleh Nejati’s first project was to measure every space in the hospital building to prepare drawings of existing conditions for the client. Walking on the building, seeing staff and patients interacting in different environments made her open her eyes to see how much the physical environment will have on physical and mental health and well-being, which left a deep impression on people. She decided to study at the Graduate School of the Health Research Center of Texas A&M University. Systems and design, specializing in healthcare design and planning.After graduating in 2014 and working in multiple companies, she joined HMC In 2019, she recently led the company’s COVID-19 and cancer research. She is busy outside the office with various hobbies, from hiking and cooking to new skills in playing the piano and skiing.

What was your first healthcare design project?

My first major healthcare project in the United States was the UCS Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

What design lessons do you still learn from that project today?

The quality of space for clinical staff is as important as the quality of space for patients and family members. When employees feel comfortable and can easily obtain the items they need, patients and their families will benefit.

The three healthcare projects you worked on last year and your role

1 Empathy Design: Investigation and research on how the medical environment affects the journey of cancer patients. “The chief researcher.


2 Kaiser Permanente, Sunset Medical Center, Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, healthcare planning and design.


3Kona Community Hospital, Kona, Hawaii, ten-year master plan, medical planning and design.


What do you like most about working on healthcare design?

Have a positive impact on people’s lives in difficult times.

What challenges do you face in your work that keep you awake at night?

The physical and emotional health and safety of medical staff, especially in this pandemic.

About healthcare design trends

thumbs up: Indoor and outdoor connections. In the recent pandemic, concentrating and exploring in different environments is an even more important trend.

Not optimistic about: There should be no operable windows or outdoor balconies in the patient care area. Safety and security are the main obstacles hindering this trend, but these features can not only provide access to daylight and views, but also provide physical access to the outdoors and fresh air.

Outside the office, we will most likely find you…

Hiking in Mount Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California, I enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, bays, bridges and the city.

What new hobby did you acquire during the coronavirus pandemic?

Playing piano and skiing. I have always wanted to add music to my life, but I never had a chance until the pandemic. I tried skiing many years ago and I didn’t like it at all, but my boyfriend encouraged me to try again. This season, I skated in black and blue for the first time!

Coffee or tea?

coffee. I like the taste of it!

People in the morning or night owls?

People who are used to getting up early. I usually get up at 6 in the morning, drink coffee, and play the piano for an hour. This keeps me busy all day.

How did you make your first money?

I have been tutoring math students since I was 16 and started editing math books when I was 18. I studied math in high school, and I was really good at it.

What karaoke song do you like?

“All I” by John Legend.

The first album you bought?

“Living in Paris” by Celine Dion.

The cocktail of choice?

Moscow mule.

Your hidden talent?

Sewing is mainly to make changes to clothes.

You have an irrational fear of…

Fear of heights. When I visit the hospital building, I cannot visit the mortuary department.


Quote “A wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend” and “A wise enemy will bring you up, and an ignorant friend will overwhelm you.” Both are Persian proverbs.

Movie role Dory comes from “Finding Dory”. Although she has short-term memory loss, I still like her positive spirit and perseverance.

Band/Music Artist Elton John.

Guilty pleasure Donuts, especially buttermilk chocolate from my local bakery.

Application/Website Spotify.

Food to be cooked Vegetarian omelette.

movement football.

team Barcelona.

book “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pocket Quotes: RBG’s notorious and wise statement.”

cultural tradition Nowruz Haft has seen it. It is an arrangement of seven symbol items, and its name starts with a letter in the Persian alphabet. Traditionally, it is displayed in the Persian New Year’s Norouz (Norouz), which is celebrated on the first day of spring.

Place to travel Therme Vals in Vals, Switzerland, designed by Peter Zumthor.



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