Coronavirus news in the UK-SAGE experts request that the ditch will be unlocked on June 21 and postpone the green list travel on the Indian list

Experts say that various situations will increase, but vaccines can already help people

Dr. Mike Tildesley, a scientist from the University of Warwick, who is a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modeling Group (Spi-M), told BBC Breakfast that there will be an increase in cases, but it turns out that the vaccine will do. help.

He said: “We hope that with the removal of these restrictions, the R number will exceed 1 at some point, and given that we are starting to see the number of cases rise, this seems to be happening.

“But what is important for us is that, given that we now have a vaccine, we are in a very different place from, say, October, when we started to see cases rising in a worrying way because of the hope Vaccines can help us. By the way, if we can kick the jar a little bit as usual, we can let the vaccines help us and hope that eventually we will lift the restrictions.”

He said: “The vaccine seems to work very well, especially after the second dose” and urged everyone to come forward. Obviously, people are worried that because it is more transmissible, it may cause another wave of infections, and the number of hospitalizations will start to rise again. “

“So we really need to try our best to collect as much evidence as possible in the next week or two to really understand what is happening with this new variant and the extent of its spread, and then obviously try to predict what we expect to happen. Relax on June 21 this year.”

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