Chelsea vs Manchester City Champions League final assembly, Conat Liverpool transfers, Pochettino flies to Zidane’s Tottenham

Guidance and higher

According to reports, Harry Maguire (Harry Maguire) is confident to participate in the kick-off match between England and Croatia in the 2020 European Cup.

The Three Lions face-to-face with their opponents in Group D in just over two weeks, and their central defenders’ adaptability is constantly improving.

The 28-year-old played in the Premier League until he was eliminated due to an ankle ligament injury to Aston Villa, which prevented him from participating in the game.

In his absence, the state of the Red Devils collapsed and he watched the game in the stands when his team lost the Europa League final on Wednesday.

After the defeat of Gdansk, Manchester United increased its communication with the English team, and the national team signed in at Maguire on Friday.

According to The Post, his progress looks good and he is confident that he will recover on June 13.

According to reports, Manchester United is scheduled to meet Maguire again on Monday for a new inspection, and the results are again passed to Gareth Southgate.

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