California orders an investigation into the innocence charges of death row inmates

Archives – In an archive photo of July 31, 1983, center staff Kevin Cooper was escorted with a car from Santa Barbara, California to San Bernadino The collision was related to the tragic death of four people in Chino, California. Later, he was arrested by the police on Santa Cruz Island. Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) ordered an independent investigation into the conviction of death row inmate Kevin Cooper (Kevin Cooper), Kevin Cooper claimed that he was stabbed to death by four people in 1983 Yes, including two children. The press release was ordered on Friday, May 28, 2021. The law firm examined all evidence, including the DNA test results that Cooper argued to prove his innocence. Newsom said he does not hold any position on Cooper’s guilt or innocence. Cooper wanted leniency, claiming that he was framed by a knife and axe attack on the Chno Hills family in 1983, which killed four people, including a boy and a girl aged 10 and 11. (AP Photo/File)

Los Angeles Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) on Friday ordered an independent investigation into the conviction of death row inmate Kevin Cooper. Kevin Cooper said he was kidnapped because Four people were stabbed, including two children, who died in a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In 1983.

Cooper is 63 years old and insists that he has been framed and has been seeking leniency from the governor since 2016.

File – This undated file photo provided by the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation shows prisoner Kevin Cooper. (Approved by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, document)

Newsom said in his executive order that he “takes no position” on Cooper’s guilt or innocence or whether he tolerates him.

Newsom appointed a law firm to review court records and all facts and evidence in the case, including facts and evidence that did not appear in the trial and appeal records, and the results of DNA tests previously ordered by the governor.

The order said the test was completed, but Cooper’s lawyers and the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office had “very different views” on whether they supported Cooper’s claim.

Cooper’s lawyer, Norman Hile (Norman Hile) called the order comforting.

He said: “We believe that a thorough review will prove that Kevin Cooper is innocent and should be released from prison.”

Cooper was convicted of the 1983 attack on Chino Hills, east of Los Angeles. Doug and Peggy Ryen are their 10-year-old daughter Jessica and 8-year-old son Joshua, respectively. They have a relationship with an 11-year-old neighbor Christopher Hugh. Christopher Hughes was attacked while falling asleep together. The latter was a housekeeper. Investigators said they were stabbed more than 140 times by ice picks, knives and axes.

Joshua’s throat was cut, but he survived.

The San Bernardino County prosecutor said that previous DNA tests showed that Cooper, who had escaped from prison two days before being killed, smoked in Reines’s home and smoked in Reines’ stolen station wagon. Blood and at least one victim was wearing a T-shirt, which was found on the side of the road away from the murder scene.

Cooper claimed that investigators planted his blood on this T-shirt.

He argued that according to Newsom’s order, the trial evidence “was created, improperly handled, planted, tampered with, or otherwise contaminated by law enforcement officials.”

Cooper’s supporters say that other evidence, including untested hair samples, indicates multiple white or Hispanic killers.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, California Senator Kamala Harris and reality TV star Kim Kardashian urged officials to allow the case to be retested , Aroused the attention of the country.

In December 2018, it was the government. Jerry Brown ordered DNA testing of T-shirts, towels, hatchet handles and sheaths. Two months later, Newsom ordered additional DNA tests on the victim’s hands and hair samples collected at the crime scene, as well as two blood samples and a green button. Investigators said this linked Cooper to the crime, allegedly. His lawyer has been implanted.

According to Newsom’s executive order, the prosecutor believed that “overwhelming evidence” showed that Cooper was guilty, and that after an “exhaustive review” of the evidence and Cooper’s allegations of misconduct, the state and federal appeals courts confirmed him Conviction.

A few hours later, he did not immediately return to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office for news.

Cooper was originally scheduled to execute the death sentence in 2004. However, the Federal Court of Appeals suspended the execution of the death penalty pending further review. Both the California and U.S. Supreme Courts rejected his appeal.

Since 2006, California has never executed anyone, and Newsom has suspended executions. There are more than 700 men and women in the country’s largest death row.

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