UK Coronavirus News Live-Matt Hancock faces MPs after Dominic Cummings attacked his “criminal” handling of the pandemic

The son said, “Don’t you want to chop it down?”

An 18-year-old son who had lost a loved one apologized to Dominic Cummings, saying that the government’s response to the pandemic was “to no avail”.

The prime minister’s former adviser said that countless people have lost their lives due to the government’s failure with the coronavirus.

Cummings apologized in his speech to members of Congress on Wednesday, saying that ministers, officials and advisers were far from reaching the standards they should expect in a crisis.

Family members who lost their loved ones, including their wives, sons and daughters, said hearing Cummings’ testimony was “shocking”.

18-year-old Mert Dogus told the Palestinian Authority News: “I believe Cummings apologizes, but the apology will not decrease. They need to do better.”

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