The Sicutneys mustered up the courage to save the skunk with a beer can stuck

To save or not to save the troubled skunk?

For Michael Jeffery near Nelson, British Columbia, this is a big problem

On Saturday morning on Saturday, people found the poor animal stumbled on the road. The beer bottle was posted on the head of Taghum Beach, which is about 8 kilometers west of Kootenay. Drive on the way to work.

Jeffery told CBC host Sarah Penton: “I think someone has cut off the top of the can, so it is big enough to actually put his skull in it.” Radio west. “He must just want something sweet and delicious.”

But Geoffrey struggled between his feelings and reason when he was considering whether to save the skunk.

“My heart was like,’Oh my God! I really need to help this person.’ And my head was like, “Man, you are going to be sprayed! You are going to work. You have to work with a very sensitive person…you have to offend others. “”

Jeffery is a self-employed home care assistant who has been sitting in his car looking at the suffering animal, trying to end his spiritual dialogue with people.

Jeffrey said that the other drivers passed, but they just shrugged.

In the end, he made a leap.

“Bold Action”

Jeffrey said: “He started getting closer and closer to me, I just knew it was time.” “I just jumped in and took some bold moves to make the jar as gently as possible from his face Pry open three-quarters.”

When the skunk is about to get rid of the rest of the jar, Jeffery is already avoiding this notorious situation.

He said: “When I was running, he directly pointed his ass at me and raised his tail, so he tried to blow me up.” “Fortunately, I was still far away from me.

“When I looked back, I just said so big,’Wow.’ I am very happy for both of us.”

Jeffrey posted the entire incident on social media later in the day.

“Come to Nelson, throw the trash in the trash can!” he wrote on his Facebook post.

according to BC SPCAThe skunk is a shy and slow-moving nocturnal animal with poor eyesight and may squirt when frightened or attacked.

The organization asks people not to feed, trap or kill animals.

Listen | Click the link below to listen to Michael Jeffery’s interview on West Radio:

Radio west5:52Michael Jeffery plucked up his courage and rescued the skunk with a beer with a beer on his head

Michael Jeffery plucked up his courage and rescued the skunk with a beer with a beer on his head 5:52

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