Royal News-Diana’s butler claims that Prince Harry will be broken when the heart of the broken queen finally arrives home

ARCHIE’s face appeared before the camera for the first time

So far, royal fans have not seen this young kid’s face since he was a young baby, but the new clip Harry shared last week gives us a glimpse of what the two-year-old looks like now.

The Harry Apple TV documentary series shows a color video of Archie playing with his parents Meghan and Harry on the beach. This is the first time for fans in the couple’s explosive Oprah Winfrey chat. See the black and white film.

Although you can’t see Archie’s sweet face, the little boy was facing the camera while running on the beach and finally let the audience catch a glimpse of his face.

Just after Harry and Meghan and Meghan released new Archie photos for his second birthday, however, fans were disappointed that he turned around with a balloon and looked at the camera.

In the documentary, a picture of a one-year-old Archie sitting on his mother’s lap while being isolated in a Los Angeles mansion was also shown. This was taken on his first birthday last year. This also marked the last time that Archie’s behavior was correctly displayed on the camera, and the child’s face was hidden in every photo since then.

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