New Jersey relaxes COVID-19 workplace restrictions

New Jersey is easing some of the coronavirus workplace restrictions that were implemented during the peak of the epidemic, with a view to clearing the way for more employees to return to the workplace in the near future.

If the employer permits, employees who can prove that they have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear masks or social counseling. This applies particularly to indoor work spaces that are open to the public.

However, if chosen, employers are allowed to maintain the requirements of shielding and social distancing among fully vaccinated workers. Employers cannot restrict employees from wearing masks, nor can they punish workers who choose to wear masks.

The state also no longer requires employers to arrange as much work at home as possible in order to reduce on-site staff to the minimum required.

Employers who bring employees back to the site must still comply with a set of COVID-19 health and safety procedures, including notifying workers of the on-site COVID-19 exposure and performing health checks when entering the work area.

The state’s latest workplace COVID-19 guidelines will take effect on Friday, June 4, the same as the expiration date of all indoor assembly restrictions in New Jersey.

“As all indicators continue to move in the right direction, I am very happy to be able to take this additional step in returning to normal conditions,” Governor Phil Murphy Say. “This pandemic has caused great damage to employers and employees. This new guideline will benefit both parties. Vaccinated employees are safe employees. Being able to give up masks in the office is just one of the many benefits of being vaccinated against COVID. One-19.”

In addition, the group limit for childcare classes has been lifted, which does not exceed 15 people.Murphy Say Removal of the childcare capacity limit “is an important part of making our economy work for more parents again.”

Most restrictions on COVID-19 in New Jersey have been lifted last Wednesday.The state’s indoor mask requirements and the 6-foot social distancing requirement in all public places will be Both expire on Friday.

But in places such as nurseries, preschools, elementary and middle schools, and summer camps, it is still necessary to cover the face. Companies and other entities operating indoor spaces may still require customers and employees to wear masks.

In an environment where masks are still needed, social distancing is still needed. If allowed, companies can continue to demand social distancing.

New Jersey has received more than 8.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and more than 4.1 million residents have been fully vaccinated. According to the state, the state is about to achieve 88% of its target, which is to provide a full vaccine to 4.7 million residents or 70% of the eligible population by the end of June. COVID-19 dashboard.

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