Comments and reactions after friends reunited LIVE-Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber as the cast of the HBO special show

After years of waiting, Friends fans can finally feast their eyes on the large-scale reunion special of this popular show.

That’s right, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe appeared on our screen again, and it aired A special episode called “Together Alone”.

Fans in the United States can watch the games on the streaming service HBO Max, and fans in the UK can watch all the games on Sky One from 8 pm tonight.

For those who can’t wait, you can watch it on Sky and NOW TV streaming services from 8 am.

The news will surely make die-hard fans happy, all six stars are back, and there are special guests…but they will not be alone.

“The Sun” revealed how the producer has also attracted some of the world’s biggest stars to come to guest shows.

Justin Bieber filmed the scene wearing Ross Geller’s famous “Spudnik” potato costume from the eighth season of “A Scene with the Halloween Party.”

James Corden will host, and other guests include David Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon.

  • Jennifer Lipp (JENNIFER’S LIPPY)

    In an interview with “Glamour”, Rachel Green himself Jennifer Aniston revealed during the filming of “Friends” that he would wear lipstick.

    “They are always an offensive trend. How about MAC Paramount lipstick? It is a brown brick. I remember that was my favorite color when I was a friend. “

    For beautiful fans of the good news, the shade will be affordable for you at a price of £17.50 and it is still available for purchase from MAC today.

  • Matthew’s trip to the dentist

    It was recently confirmed that after fans worried that he sounded slurred, Matthew underwent dental surgery, which affected his speech.

    The “ambiguity” speech in the promotional video of a friend gathering is due to Emergency dental procedure is not a drug relapse, A source claimed.

    A source told The Sun: “Matthew attended the party, and his team members said that he had emergency dental surgery that day.

    “It is said that this will affect his health and his feelings. According to our understanding, he has been in pain, which caused the ambiguity of the speech.

  • White

    Friends and fans admit that they were distracted during the “Reunion Special” Matthew Perry’s white teeth.

    Fans flocked to Twitter to comment on Matthew’s teeth because they were shocked by the white appearance on the camera.

    A woman started the discussion and wrote: “I was also attracted by Matthew Perry’s teeth #FriendsReunion.”

    Another person who agreed with the smiley expression agreed: “I will tell the truth. I am trying to get rid of Matthew Perry’s teeth #FriendsReunion.”

    “Is it because I or Matthew Perry’s teeth were incredibly white at the group meeting?” One-third of the people asked because they were also distracted.

  • Still making big money from friends

    according to USA Today Every year, the stars get 2% of the combined income from the program income.

    These six main actors are believed to earn a staggering US$1 million (approximately £708,515.00) per episode.

    guide Warner Bros. The studio tour previously showed that Friends earns $1 billion a year for the network, which means that each actor earns about $20 million (£15,641,300) per year.

    Once increased to 30 million US dollars Netflix Start playing the show.

    Most importantly, the “Hollywood Reporter” revealed that the actors also received 1.7 million pounds and 2.1 million pounds for “Reunion”.

  • After Cowens Cox finished speaking, the friends kept sobbing.

    Monica Geller star Courteney Cox said: “This will be the last time we will be asked about an overall performance, like we will never do it again in 15 years. Live like that.” I heard it.

  • That’s it!

    Hope you like our live post on “Friends Gathering”!

    Now, please forgive me for crying more…

  • The transformation that will eventually end

    What a wonderful performance. The perfect way to remember one of the best shows in TV history.

    The audience liked it and was flooded with comments on Twitter.

  • LISA has no friends back

    Lisa Kudrow reveals her emotional reasons Never make friends movies or new episodes.

    The host James Corden asked Phoebe Buffay, 57, if she had ever considered returning to the role of the celebrity who played her.

    She replied: “No, I’m sorry, I haven’t yet.”

    “Everyone’s life is very good, they have to unravel all these beautiful things in order to have a story.

    “I don’t want to expose anyone’s happy ending.”

  • Friends fans look back at watching the finals

    The last episode of my friend was an exciting time.

    At the end of the show, the audience recalled their tears.

  • The viewer was shocked by the chemical screens of Jennifer and Chris

    Fans can’t believe that this couple has a huge fascination on screen as well as on screen!

  • Friends fashion show

    Models such as Cindy Crawford and Cara Cara Delevingne and Justin Bieber wore some famous costumes in the performance.

    Matt LeBlanc even modeled one of Chandler’s costumes!

    I mean “Can he wear more clothes?”

  • Romance in the air

    Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitted that in the “Friends Party” special, they almost became Ross and Rachel in real life.

    They have become the ultimate partners in a ten-year relationship, and they will not be willing to pair. NBC sitcomAbout 25 years later, they admitted that their sexual chemistry was largely due to off-screen flirting.

    “In the first season, I had a big fascination with Jen,” David Jennifer agrees that this relationship is mutually beneficial.

  • Matthew

    Matthew Perry “It feels like he’s going to die” Showing “sweating and convulsions” in the “friend” scene-shocked his co-star.

    The 51-year-old actor played Chandler Bing in a hit sitcom and brought a lot of laughter to fans all over the world throughout the 10 seasons.

    however, Matthew It reveals that he felt the pressure of laughter throughout the performance. friends Reunion show.

    But Matthew admitted that he had a completely different experience and said to his co-star: “For me, I think if they don’t laugh, I will definitely die, and it must be unhealthy.

    “Sometimes I will say that they will not laugh, I will sweat and enter like a twitch, if I don’t get the laughter I deserve.”

  • Maggie is here

    New-Yorker Janice (New-Yorker Janice) played by Maggie Wheeler (Maggie Wheeler) appears!

    She played the leading role in 19 episodes of the 10 seasons of the show, and reunion would not be the same without her cameo!

  • Expander

    The actor is now looking back at some of the most interesting mistakes in the movie.

    The fans absolutely love them!

  • The kit is under construction

    Kit Harrington (Kit Harrington) is another celebrity who played in the special “Friends Party”.

    The “Game of Thrones” star said that the scene where Rose, Joey and Rachel tried to lift the sofa up the stairs was “the most interesting thing I saw on TV.”

  • Smelly Cat and Mrs. Quack

    Lady Gaga is here, she and Phoebe performed “Smelly Cat” together!

    She thanked Lisa for portraying the character throughout the show.

    and many more

  • Special Chemistry

    The relationship between Monica and Chandler is classic, and fans think so too!

  • Family affairs

    Matthew and Courtney, who married Chandler and Monica, are considered distant cousins-both are also related to Lady Gaga.

    Genealogy website MyHeritage revealed that the two stars in common are cousins, and their relatives are William Osborne Haskell III and Alan Haskell.

  • Moment of horror

    Friends gathering shows memorable moments Matt LeBlanc takes off his shoulders It is real in the middle of the episode.

    Joey Tribbiani’s star was performing a farce when he was injured in the third season of “Nobody Is Ready.”

    The injury was eventually written into the show by saying that Joey fell off the bed.

  • Camouflage from Baker

    David Beckham appeared on the party special to talk about his favorite memories when watching “Friends.”

    The former football player said his friend made him smile “almost to the point of crying.”

  • Live broadcast, ask podcast questions

    Fans in the crowd were asking star-studded actors questions about the show.

    David Schwimmer recounted his experience with Marcel, another Rose’s new pet monkey (Part 1).

    I think it’s fair to say that shooting with the monkey was full of challenges, and fans found David recalling his funny experience.

  • Friends’ praise show

    Fans of diehard friends praised the show for helping them through difficult times.

    The audience also took to Twitter to express the importance of the show to them.

  • It’s too much

    Jennifer Aniston burst into tears She returned to the famous scene.

    At the beginning of the performance, each actor arrived one by one, David Schwimmer First is the scene, then Lisa Kudrow.

    They are obviously happy to see each other, Jennifer When she walked in the door and saw them in the scene, she was already crying.

    She said, “It’s amazing. Oh, it’s weird! Where is the tissue box?”

  • Tom Salek is here

    The second special celebrity guest is “Blue Blood” star Tom Selleck!

    In the actor’s test, he was the mysterious voice on the answering machine.

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