After the 2021 NFL Draft, the Eagles’ strength ranking summary

Is the power ranking completely stupid and meaningless? Yes it is. Yes they are. However, personally, I click whenever I see them. Now that I have attracted your promise of many functional levels, you will read and like it.

After the 2021 NFL trials, the Eagles from all over the country are ranked here.Oh this is Our version of these sold-out rankings, and also.

ESPN: 27th

Not only did the Eagles pass the opportunity to select Justin Field of Ohio State University and Mike Jones of Alabama, but they did not use any of their nine picks in the quarterback. Instead, they hired wide receiver Devonta Smith and offensive winger Landon Dixon in the first two rounds to reunite them with other Alabama alumni, and then in the first In the five rounds, “Almighty” was added to run towards Kenneth Gainwell. This will be Hurts’ performance, and unless there is a blockbuster deal, he is now ready for it.

#JimmySays: I do think it is worth pointing out that Hurts should not be evaluated incorrectly this season. Assuming that this team has better luck in 2021, then his performance will be very good, his guards are good, the guards are good, and the troops are good. No. 25

Want to land on Alabama’s Stud Devonta Smith in the first round? beautiful. Who wants to trade in front of annoying giants, who is eager to win the Heisman Trophy? Okay… That’s ecstasy. In recent years, the Eagles have been struggling to find a wide range of talents, but Smith’s profile is hardly to be missed, and he fills an important area of ??demand, because the Eagles want to see their second-year quarterback Jaylen Hutt which performed. We also like Landon Dickerson, who was drafted on the second day. This is a national center based in Alabama who failed to enter the first round due to a medical red flag. If he can stay healthy, Philadelphia will fall in love with Dixon.

#JimmySays: If Dickerson is Kelce’s heir, he is 6’6 and weighs 333 pounds, then his figure will be significantly different from the 6’3 Kelce who weighs 295 pounds. Watching the Eagles’ first practice of the season on Tuesday, it is easy to observe the fact that Dixon is a monster.

PFT: 28th

This season belongs to the category of the classic reconstruction year. The coaches and quarterbacks that were the long-term foundation of the team just nine months ago have left, and Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts have been in their positions. With this in mind, it was the most shocking thing that happened in the NFL last year. Sirianni and Hurts entered, and Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz were out, which was more shocking than Tom Brady leading Bucs to win the world championship. If needed in April next year, the Hawks should have three first-round picks to replace Hutts. But for now, Hutts will have the opportunity to become the Eagles’ Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott), this person was selected as the insurance company, but he himself took the job and refused to give up . GM Howie Roseman helped Hutts by selecting his old friend from Devonta Smith in Alabama. I think Smith will perform well in the NFL-he is a competitive player who should win more 50-50 goals than a 6-0, 170-pound direct receiver-and, importantly, he will not Intimidated by the toughest fans in the league. I think he will like it and like it. But the Hawks have some long-term problems, such as the aging state of the offensive line, and the important age of the defensive line. I really like the addition of Ryan Kerrigan for at least a year. The Hawks hope that after the chaotic offseason, a bright future will be a year of transition.

#JimmySays: Yes, this may be the toughest fan base in the league, but their love for outstanding players has surpassed them. It can work in both directions.

Sports Illustrated: 29th

The Hawks may be the most unexpected disaster of the 2020 season. Since they are in the 20th place in unfamiliar areas, 2021 may tell us how big a project is needed to get them back to the top of NFC.

#JimmySays: I agree, as they said, they may be the biggest “accidental disaster” of the 2020 season. This reminds me of who will be the biggest unexpected disaster of the 2021 season. The bill? Maybe the Colts?

USA Today: 30th

From the bizarre press conference of rookie coach Nick Sirianni to the dirty draft room of player personnel director Tom Donahoe, it’s hard not to let Philadelphia fans start thinking about the 2022 season. (But in the meantime please like rookie WR DeVonta Smith.)

#JimmySays: Eagles fans should really think about 2022, but not for stupid reasons here.

B/D: 28

The Philadelphia Eagles met one of their biggest needs in the first round of the 2021 draft, and also won the Heisman Trophy winner, the critically acclaimed Devonta Smith.

However, adding a new recruit (or even a talented person like Smith) will not solve all the troubles of this team.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts showed some flashes in the game as a rookie, but he is far from sure. Even with Smith’s support, the Eagles have the weakest pass weapon combination in the NFC East. The offensive line that was once the strength of the team has also shown cracks recently.

The secondary is still a mess. The experienced Darius Slay is struggling in 2020, and the depth map behind him still has many shortcomings. The addition of experienced center back Eric Wilson should help the second stage of the defense, but otherwise it is a potential weakness.

Three years ago, after winning the Super Bowl LII, confetti poured heavily on the Eagles. But the 2021 iteration of the team is more likely to be the last of NFC(L)East instead of first.

#JimmySays: I can’t say that I disagree with anything here.

CBS: 27th

Jalen Hurts is now in the Carson Wentz trade as a quarterback. They added a good weapon to receiver DeVonta Smith in the first round of the draft. But there are still many problems elsewhere.

#JimmySays: As always, thanks bangin’ for the analysis, CBS.

Sports News: 22nd

The Hawks love that they should give them sparks when Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni are rookie coaches as rookie coaches. They hope to have a better fighting age and injury ability, but getting stuck between competition and reconstruction is a problem.

#JimmySays: The Eagles almost escaped the top 10!

Average ranking of the above eight publications: 27th.

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