Watch: 76ers “fan” pours popcorn on injured Russell Westbrook

76ers Responsible for business in the second game They easily beat them in the first round against the Wizards and took a 2-0 lead when the series moved back to Washington.

Along the way, Wizards guard Russell Westbrook was injured. When he was sent back to the locker room, someone gave me a hole for a Frenchman-a hole. It was a good idea to decide to pour popcorn on the veterans. idea.

In addition to being immediately escorted out of the arena, this person should also be banned for life.

But this is not enough, because only one such clown is needed to perpetuate the worst notions of Philadelphia fans. They are not, and most people will never do such a thing. In this regard, this man can never call himself a Philadelphia fan again. (I don’t know who is responsible for these things, but someone needs to revoke this person’s fan card. This is a real thing. Please find out.)

At this point, Westbrook must absolutely hate playing in Philadelphia.Not only can he get business from fans (the right people) every time, but Not even the first thing Including the Wizards guard and a Philadelphia fan crossing the penalty area. However, in the second game, this kind of unruly “fans” took things a step further.

On this special night, Westbrook made things worse. He was forced to withdraw from the game after an ankle injury, and eventually had to watch the remaining blowout loss in the locker room. In between, he threw popcorn on his head.

Talk increases insult and hurt.

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