The class of George Williams (Williams Williams) may bite the Premier League in the lead game between Wigan and Warrington

George Williams went home after the Canberra Raiders “kicked out the door”.

Wigan and Warrington led the battle and brought the England star back to the Premier League, but the timing of the fierce departure surprised everyone.


George Williams has been released from the Kaberra RaidersImage source: NRL photo

The central defender who conquered the NRL after leaving the Warriors requested his release at the end of the season.

Williams’ partner Charlotte expects their first child and Covid-19 means that the family cannot visit Australia.

This led to homesickness and requests to go home, and Canberra abandoned him, claiming that he refused to train or play-the call even surprised Williams.

Now, you can choose to return to Wigan, who was rejected first, or join Warrington, get a small sum for the rest of 2021, and then increase your salary significantly in 2022, beyond what is possible.

This may be the only way Warrington fits 26-year-olds, because they also have Blake Austin and Gareth Widop, unless they are allowed to return soon.

    Williams claimed that he was


Williams claimed that he was “kicked out.”Image source: NRL photo

But Warrington winger Charnley played with him at Wigan, and there is no doubt that he will scream loudly no matter where he ends.

He said: “George was the organizer, but he was very quiet when Wigan attended the meeting. He didn’t say much, but I don’t know if it was because his puff teeth were small.

“Now that he has a full set of equipment, you can see his organization on the court. When you fight alongside him, he is a threat. For Canberra, he will be a huge loss.”

SunSport knew that Leeds had checked the possibilities, but even on the other side of Pennines, it was too far away from home.

Warrington boss Steve Price admitted that Australian star Greg Inglis will be absent for about eight weeks due to a hamstring injury. He insisted: “I even Unexpectedly. He is a great player and he has experienced a wonderful few years.

    Josh Charnley (right) recalls that Williams kept quiet when he was at Wigan because Warrington was involved in the move


Josh Charnley (right) recalls that Williams kept quiet when he was at Wigan because Warrington was involved in the moveCredit: SWPIX.COM

“When they entered the finals and continued this status in RNL, he did a great job in 2019. I don’t know what happened, but he is a high-quality player.

“But Gareth is in class. If he keeps going, I believe he will work hard to choose England.”

Canberra claimed that Williams announced that he was unable to train and compete, and sent a text message to the club’s welfare manager, allegedly interrupting the straw on the camel’s back.

However, Williams insisted that this was not the case. He said: “I asked for a release before the end of the season a few weeks ago.

    Wigan first refused to bring George Williams back to the Super League


Wigan first refused to bring George Williams back to the Super LeagueCredit: MAGIPIX

“I never asked for immediate release, but the club did not support me, but kicked me out of the gate.”

Chief Executive Don Furner said: “George and his partners have repeatedly asked for their release to return to England to bring their families closer. We decided to agree to their requests.

George’s withdrawal from training and competition this weekend emphasized the seriousness of George’s request to the club.

“In the past few weeks, we have been supporting George and providing him with the greatest possible welfare support. However, as a club, we feel that his position in the club’s progress has become untenable.”

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