Kevin Hart talks about why he starred in the upcoming movie “Fatherhood”

When the audience sits down to watch “Fatherhood” starring Kevin Hart, the role of the comedian will be completely different from the role fans have been accustomed to seeing from him over the years.

Hart showed some serious performances in comedy movies, Will debut next month. The actor said during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” that he played this role to change the typical way black fathers are filmed in movies and TV shows.

Hart said: “For me, taking on this role gives me the opportunity to show my black father with a positive attitude.” “After a while, on the screen, on TV, if [Black fathers are] There is a huge struggle behind the image of a black father without getting out of prison, taking drugs or quitting drugs. This is an opportunity to put it in a positive space, and that’s why I am in this position. At the same time, I also challenged myself to go deeper in acting. This is a serious story. It is moving, and there are waves. Therefore, I am excited about the journey of attracting the audience. “

“Fatherhood” tells the story of Owerf, played by Hart, who was “full of doubt, fear, heartache and dirty diapers” while raising his only daughter.

This film is adapted from the 2011 book “Two Kisses to Mother and Child: Memoirs of Lost and Love” by Matthew Logelin. The memoir is about the author’s experience of losing his wife after giving birth to an only child.

Actors include Lil Rel Howery, Alfre Woodard, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan and Paul Reiser. The director of the film is Paul Weitz, who has directed popular films such as “American Pie” and “About the Boys”.

Hart is also the producer of the project, and his production company HartBeat Productions is also involved. Columbia Pictures and Higher Ground Productions, the production companies founded by the Obamas, are also part of the project.

Starting on June 18, two days before “Father’s Day”, “Fatherhood” will be broadcast on Netflix.

What may also inspire Hart’s upcoming role is his personal experience as a father. In September of last year, Hart and his second wife Eniko Parrish gave birth to their second child, a girl named Kaori May.

Hart, a four-year-old father, said that being a father is “a feeling of difference.”

Hart said: “Sometimes, when you are at home, you look around and find that there is such a close and close connection between this kind of things, which is really crazy.” “I don’t come from eating every night. Parents in the same family for dinner, so I broke the mold, created it, and started the process, which means a lot. It means that the whole world is for me, and I love seeing it.”

In addition to his new movie, Hart will release a new children’s book next month called “Marcus’s Movie”. This 208-page illustrated novel tells the dream of a boy who dreams of making a superhero movie.

Hart hopes that this book will inspire children to pursue their dreams like him.

Hart said: “This is indeed an opportunity to inspire and inspire our young people.” “I think this generation needs to truly understand the word’no’ is this. This is a word, our story is very important. I am on the journey Hear a lot of no. The road to success is long. Many car doors are closed on your face, and many roads have roadblocks at the end. You have to figure out the roads around you. This is the meaning of life. This is about the pivot Turn, it’s about knowing that your dream is like this, it’s yours. Your belief in yourself and your understanding of what you can do is yours. No one can tell you this is not the truth. No one can tell you this Not good enough.”

“Marcus makes a movie” is Pre-order available It will be released on June 1.

The host of “The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) once again made fun of “The Mare of the Eastern Town” because the mysterious performance of the murder case is repeatedly called “good name, bad name, big name” The theme of the game. This part is made up of Fallon, which lists a list of names and tells the advantages and disadvantages of each name.

Fallon said, “The Mare of the East City” is a good name for HBO shows, a bad name for horse racing, and a good name for a drunkard in a Philadelphia bar.

Last week, Fallon made fun of “The Mare of the East Town” in a clip in which he shared a clip from a podcast that didn’t actually exist.One of the fake podcasts is called “Cher of East Town” A mysterious story nicknamed the scripted murder case, starring Cher as a boiled detective in a small town in Pennsylvania.

The series was filmed and filmed in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, following the British actress Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) detective Mare Sheehan (Mare Sheehan) seeking a solution to the murder and two missing persons case, at the same time She has solved many family struggles and double love issues in her personal life.

The finale of the series “Mother of Oriental City” will be broadcast on HBO and HBO Max at 10pm this Sunday.

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