‘Jackass 4’producer issues restraining order against Bam Margera

According to reports, the ongoing dispute between Bam Margera and the team behind the upcoming “Jackass 4” movie has leaked to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, where producer Jeff Tremaine filed paperwork to seek an order to prevent civil harassment.

Margera, 41, has fought openly in the struggle for mental health and addiction in recent years, including several arrests and drug rehabilitation.

In February, the former MTV star and skateboard idol Slam Tremaine And other participants in the long-delayed Jackass project, claiming that he was fired for failing to meet Paramount Pictures’ contract requirements. Margera claimed that he was required to undergo regular drug tests, undergo a breathalyzer test, see a psychologist and take a variety of prescription drugs. He said he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The restraining order is designed to protect Tremaine from violence, stalking, harassment and threats of violence. Sixth page. The court date has not yet been determined, and the details of the case are confidential.

Last year, due to complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the release date of “Jackass 4” starring Johnny Knoxville and other original MTV series actors has been postponed many times. . It is tentatively scheduled to be released on October 22.

In videos posted on social media at the beginning of this year and later Candid interview with TMZMargera complained that despite writing many ideas for the film, he was still excluded from production. He urged fans to boycott the film, demanded donations on Venmo, and criticized Tremaine and Knoxville for strict requirements for him to compare himself to “torture” with sobriety and treatment requirements.

“If I die, I have to walk on the eggshell and jump over your hoop. It’s impossible. What’s the point of the $5 million contract?” Margera was obsessed with TMZ in April. “If I am no longer here because I am about to die from overdose of pills or suicidal thoughts, then what is the point of being rich?”

Margera owns a house in Pocopson, just outside of West Chester. He and his wife Nikki Boyd moved to Oceanside, California earlier this year. The couple have a 3-year-old son. Margera posted photos with her family in recent days.

“Jackass” star Steve-O is also struggling with drugs and has been sober for nearly ten years. Recently came to the defense of Knoxville and Tremayne Responding to an angry post from Margera.

Steve Ou said: “Bam, the two people you mentioned caused harm to you (Knoxville and Tremaine). These two people organized an intervention and saved my life. “Everyone bends back to watch the movie, all you have to do is not to be loaded. You continue to be loaded, it’s that simple. We all love you as we all say, but none of us really love you. People can make or encourage you to stay sick.”

Knoxville was moved by this. Interview with GQ The book was released on Tuesday, carefully avoiding open back and forth with Margera.

Knoxville said: “We want Bam to be happy, healthy, and get the help he needs.” “We try to promote this process. I think that’s what I really want to say.”

Margarella has Traced his many struggles His close friend and former “Jackass” cast friend Ryan Dunn (Ryan Dunn) died of drugs and alcohol.Dunn was 34 years old Was killed in a high-speed crash In June 2011, he was driving a Porsche while drunk on Highway 322 in West Gerson City, Chester County.Dunn’s alcohol content is Reported to be twice the legal limit At the time of the crash.

Knoxville told GQ Dunn’s death was “a sad thing,” but he said that he did not believe that the extreme lifestyle of the “Jacks” series should be blamed on the struggles of certain actors.

Knoxville told GQ: “I think each of us is responsible for our actions.” “When someone is struggling, everyone tries to help that person. In the end, that person has to ask for help. Sometimes they don’t. No need. But.”

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