The United States warns Japan not to travel to Japan because the country is struggling to solve the problem of the COVID soaring-International News Coronavirus Pandemic News

The United States says the surge in coronavirus cases puts citizens at risk of traveling to Japan, only two months before the Olympic Games will begin.

The United States warned its citizens not to travel to Japan and blamed the increasing risk of COVID-19 just two months before the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan avoided the large-scale outbreaks suffered by many other countries, but the fourth wave caused Tokyo, Osaka and other areas of the country with a population of 825 million to enter a state of emergency.

The government is inclined to extend the state of emergency-the state of emergency in most places including Tokyo will end on May 31-several sources familiar with the decision told Reuters.

The U.S. State Department stated that its decision on Monday was mainly based on the government’s health recommendations, and “secondary factors such as the availability of commercial flights, restrictions on entry for U.S. citizens, and barriers to not being able to obtain COVID test results within three calendar days,” the report Weighed. .

Japan opened its first mass vaccination center on Monday to speed up its national vaccination plan. So far, only 2% of the Japanese population has received full vaccination.

Senior Japanese officials said on Tuesday that they do not expect the US travel advisory to affect the Olympic Games to be held on July 23, and US support for the Olympics has not changed.

“At the moment, we don’t see any special impact,” Olympic Minister Naoze Marukawa said at a press conference.

Japan opened many mass vaccination centers this week to speed up its slow COVID-19 vaccination plan [Kyodo via Reuters]

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee also downplayed the effects of travel advice.

It said in a statement: “We are confident that the mitigation measures currently in place for athletes and staff… plus the tests conducted before travel, arrival in Japan and during the Games will enable the US team’s athletes this year Participate safely in the summer.” stated.

Japan plans to vaccinate people over 65 years of age before the start of the Olympics in late July, but ministers stated that the Olympics were not included in its launch schedule and that dates for other age groups have not yet been announced.

In Tokyo, government spokesman Katsunobu Kato said that the US consultation will not affect the Olympics.

He said at the regular briefing: “As far as we know, supporting Japan’s efforts to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games will not change the position of the United States.”

He said that he has informed Japan that the consultation will not affect the situation of the US Olympic team, and pointed out that the measure is not a ban.

More than a year since the pandemic, Japan has reported about 12,000 deaths, but overall, the recent surge in infections has put hospitals under pressure.

Public opinion is largely opposed to hosting the Olympics, which has been postponed for a year.

International audiences will not be allowed to enter Japan to participate in the Olympics, but domestic audiences have not yet made a decision.

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