The plan of the students and teachers struggling to save the steel drum

Chula Vista, California – After 22 years of running-in, the nationally renowned Chula Vista Steel Drum Band may have held their last concert on Monday morning.

“I just don’t know how it went from the initial gold plan to its later elimination,” said a former student who appeared at the Sweetwater School board meeting on Monday.

The Steel Barrel Project provides services to Southwest Middle School and High School students, many of whom come from poor communities. The band has performed for two American presidents and the 37th Super Bowl.

Keith Ballard, the head of the band, said: “I am not a bad teacher. I have the support of many people.”

Balard has won more than 20 teaching awards, including being named the National Music Teacher of the Year.

A parent told the school board on Monday: “All he wants is opportunity.”

Ballard said that the news about the cancellation of the class caught him off guard last week when he checked the timetable and suddenly found that the class no longer exists. He believes that part of the reason is the budget cut, but he said it is because there are not enough children who want to sign up for this class.

Current student Melody Hernandez said: “The plan is of great significance to me because it has saved me too much from being at home.”

With so many people attending on Monday, some were forced to listen from outside the building.

After the meeting, Ballard said: “I think we have expressed our views.” “We have taken over this school board meeting room. Thank you my parents for helping me.”

Ballard said he hopes the supervisor will consider this issue in the near future. As of the date of submission of this report, calls to FOX 5 on Monday were not answered.

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