The cryptocurrency exchange AAX has suspended fiat deposits/withdrawals via direct bank transfer, other options remain open»CryptoNinjas

team Cryptocurrency Exchange/Futures Platform AAX announced today that in light of recent developments, AAX will suspend statutory deposit and withdrawal services via direct bank transfer.

From June 2, 2021, Fiat’s deposit requirements will be disabled; and from June 7, 2021, it will no longer be possible to execute legal withdrawal requests and the conversion of cryptocurrency to legal currency.

For users who want to use local currency to buy cryptocurrency, AAX equal Transaction or Quick purchase The function remains available. Fast Buy partners include Coinify, EPay and itez.

“In the past 6 months, I am very happy to provide you with the most convenient legal deposit and withdrawal services. So far, AAX’s daily deposit in April is 2 million US dollars, and the daily deposit in May is 3 million US dollars. Encryption is a part of the modern financial world, and AAX is still committed to providing users with high-quality up and downhill. We fully hope to resume legal deposit and withdrawal services before the end of August. Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and P2P legal to cryptocurrency transactions None will be affected.”
-AAX team

Please note the timetable for the suspension arrangement:

  • June 2nd, 10:00 AM (UTC): Legal deposits are disabled.
  • June 7, 10:00 AM (UTC): Fiat withdrawals are disabled.
  • June 7, 10:00 AM (UTC): Disable the conversion from encryption to legal.

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