One year later: Philadelphia commemorates George Floyd’s legacy

On the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, Philadelphia officials commemorated his legacy through a series of commemorations.

After former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nine and a half minutes, Floyd died on May 25, 2020.Discover Chauvin Guilty Because Floyd was murdered on April 20.

His death sparked a national campaign against police brutality and racial discrimination.

To commemorate Floyd’s legacy, Philadelphia officials announced a A series of commemorative events and publicity campaigns Happened this week.

Mayor Jim Kenney said: “George Floyd should be alive today with his family, and we all have a responsibility to keep his memory.” According to CBS3. “His death represents the tragic killing of countless black Americans by the police. This gave birth to the idea that the systemic racism in this country should have been reckoned. This week, I urge all Phillies to reflect on his huge legacy and our How to continue to work together to reform the police and eliminate institutional racism.”

Houseboat Street, FMC Tower, Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Wells Fargo Center and other buildings will be gilded to commemorate Freud and all victims of police brutality, Tuesday night.

Multi-faith prayer vigil

At 12:30 pm, the vigil of multi-faith prayer will be broadcast live. The Facebook page of the Office of Public Participation.

Pastor Naomi Washington Leapheart, director of the City’s Office of Faith-Based and Interfaith Affairs, and other faith leaders will host the vigil.

Pray for the whole city

At 9:25 pm on Freud’s official death, prayers will be made throughout the city.

The city said: “Please join us and pray for the city, seeking healing, peace and strength, and continue deep and lasting reforms in any way that suits your beliefs.”

Community Rehabilitation Circle

City officials will host a virtual community rehabilitation team at 5:30 pm on May 27 (Thursday) By zooming. Last month, during the Chauvin trial, New York City activated these virtual safe spaces.

The city said: “These community rehabilitation circles are designed to help residents share their feelings and find support from the community and neighbors.”

#Phillyi Commitment

Officials also asked Philadelphians to use the hashtag “#PhillyiPledge” to implement a large and small operation to support black and brown communities and fight systematic racism.

“This week, we urge all Phillies to reflect on the great legacy of George Floyd and how we can continue to cooperate to implement police reform and eliminate institutional racism,” Read the press release from the city.

On Monday night, the city screened the movie “We Breathe, We Live: Brotherly Love Protest Story”. WHYY. The documentary tells the first-person experience of seven people of color who participated in the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

This city also created a guide Create a safe space for people and organizations to talk about racism, racial identity, fairness and justice.

Local mental health resources:

You can reach the 24/7 Philadelphia Crisis Hotline at (215) 685-6440. It has behavioral health experts, ready to help those in need.
Black man healed Provide mental health resources for people of color.
Mental health Provide free mental health resources and programs through a partnership between Philadelphia and the Independent Blue Cross.
Address trauma and violence, A guide to Healthy Minds Philly, which provides information about community support and well-being.
Enhance mood Is another resource guide by Healthy Minds Philly

More mental health resources can be found Healthy Minds Philly’s website

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