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Harry and Wells may be regrouped in Bashir’s anger

Royal experts claimed that Prince Harry and his brother William might be reunited under the common anger of Martin Bashir and might get together to display the statue of their mother, Diana.

When the Duke of Sussex left the royal family and moved to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle, 36-year-old Harry and 38-year-old William were separated.

However, royal expert Robert Jobson said that the two brothers could heal their relationship in 1995 when they criticized BBC reporter Bashir for his controversial Panorama interview with Diana.

He told the ABC’s HeirPod podcast: “This may-their outrage against the BBC-may bring them together because, frankly, hatred, accusations, accusations must stop at some stage.

“I hope that any son, no matter whether they are royal or non-royal, can gather together politely to pay tribute to their mother who died young and express respect in a thoughtful manner.

“I think the continuation of this hatred is meaningless for everyone, and it is disturbing. I don’t think it’s good for our royal family on foreign brands, and at some stage they have to sit down. Come down and chat, so why not sit down and chat? Say it again after the statue was unveiled, he has made a lot of contributions to many people in the world?”

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