How San Diegans stays safe during the snake season

San Diego-A local snake removal expert said that the San Diango people should proceed with caution on trails due to another snake season entering the area.

“When the sun starts to rise, the snake will climb the trail,” said David Bertram, the owner of the Small Animal Center. “They will appear in open spaces that can be warm in the sun.”

Although Southern California has snakes all year round, most local rattlesnakes are witnesses Tends to happen in April, May and June, According to the county’s department of parks and recreation. Bertram said that the snake season will last until October, which means that locals may encounter snakes this summer.

He said the most common sightings are rattlesnakes and gopher snakes.

From the people who know snakes best, Bertram offers some advice for local hikers.

He said: “Snakes are not aggressive, so if you are walking on a trail and you see a snake, it is likely that the snake has realized that you are around, so when you see a snake, you have to do The first thing the snake just disappeared.”

Bertram said that you can see a snake anytime and anywhere in San Diego. He said that he cleaned up as many as 10 snakes in the yard almost every day during the snake season.

To be on the safe side, he said that if a snake is found, it is best to warn other hikers. People are asked to warn park rangers that if they have been found, then they can safely move the snake to a less crowded area.

Bertram also recommends keeping the dog on a short leash, turning the music down and not risking to leave the trail.

In the morning, when they relax for the open morning sun, the chance of seeing snakes is higher. He said that, like hikers, they also like to shade at noon.

He said: “Be careful and cautious when you sit in the shade of an oak tree or any other tree.”

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