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England’s NHS is preparing History of scratching 55 million patients (including information on mental and sexual health, criminal records, and abuse of adults and children) are stored in the database and will be shared with third parties.

This is the first time this project has caused a stir among privacy activists, who say it is a “legal issue”, especially because patients only have a few weeks to opt out of the program.

NHS Digital, which runs an IT system for healthcare services, confirmed the plan, which will make the information of each patient registered in a British GP clinic available to academic and commercial third parties for research and planning purposes.

Cori Crider, co-founder of the digital rights movement organization Foxglove, pointed out that the NHS is “completely silent” about who has access to data.

“Is it a pharmaceutical company? Google Deepmind’s health department? If you ask patients if they need detailed information about fertility treatment or miscarriage, or if you want to share colonoscopy results with them [those companies], They won’t want that. “she says.

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Turmoil in the UK audit market The government plans to break the dominance of the Big Four in the FTSE 100 corporate audit Facing setbacks Smaller competitors are considering abandoning this reform. The ministers proposed a “custodial shared audit” of the FTSE 350 business. Based on these audits, these companies will check the accuracy of the company’s accounts together with smaller competitors.

According to people familiar with the matter, the UK’s Big Four Accounting Firms (BDO) and Grant Thornton (Grant Thornton) are the largest accounting firms after the “Big Four” in the UK, and they are considering not participating in the shared audit work of the FTSE 100 companies.

According to people familiar with the matter, the UK’s Big Four Accounting Firms (BDO) and Grant Thornton (Grant Thornton) are the largest accounting firms after the “Big Four” in the UK, and they are considering not participating in the shared audit work of the FTSE 100 companies. ©FT montage

Police accused of downplaying BLM leader shooting Supporters of Sasha Johnson were seriously injured in Sunday’s shooting. They were accused of Eliminate the severity of the incident After they denied that it was related to her activism. It happened before the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder in the United States.Here is one timeline Everything that has happened since the racial justice movement.

  • Joe Biden Meet with Freud’s family Yesterday, political and business leaders called for more action on racial justice.

  • The number of black board members appointed by S&P 500 companies last year Jump to 148According to new research, there were 52 new appointments in the same period last year. (New York Times)

Call on the EU to impose sanctions on petroleum and petrochemical products Opposition to the Belarusian regime urge Brussels banned dealings with more than two dozen state-owned companies, blocked important exports from Minsk, and banned new foreign investment in the country in retaliation for intercepting Ryanair’s flights and arresting militants.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency issues an alert on Iran’s nuclear program In an interview with the Financial Times, Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency, warned that the country is reaching a level of purity.Only the country that made the bomb can reach it“.

  • Iranian authorities have Prohibit First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri and former centrist parliamentary speaker and nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani will win the presidential election next month.

Aston Martin executive compensation uprising The luxury car manufacturer suffered Investor rebellion At its annual meeting, a large number of votes were cast on the company’s salary report and executive chairman Lawrence Stroll. 18% of shareholders who voted at the meeting on Tuesday expressed opposition.

One day in the future

Dominic Cummings faces parliamentary election committee The former chief adviser resigned in November after falling out with the prime minister and will testify on Britain’s handling of Covid-19. Nowadays.Someone expected Cummings to claim that Boris Johnson was Working on his biography of Shakespeare Rather than respond to the coming pandemic.

ExxonMobil shareholders vote Giants of American companies Facing a critical moment Hesitant investors have a say in what critics say is the inadequate response to the seismic changes brought about by climate change.

Governor of Bank of America testified The chief executive of the country’s largest lender expressed caution about the transaction in the testimony released before the Senate committee appearance Nowadays.

The line chart of Bitcoin prices (USD per coin) shows the rise in the price of digital assets, enticing treasurers to enter the cryptocurrency space

Technology benefits Chipmaker Nvidia expects revenue to increase in the first quarter report. Chinese e-commerce group Pinduoduo also released quarterly results. Sony holds its annual corporate strategy meeting, which is also Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting.

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Oil producers face a costly transition The aftermath of Covid-19 hit Iraqi companies because their most important customers, public officials, cut spending. However, this situation-falling oil demand leading to lower incomes-is not just a pandemic phenomenon.this is The future of an economy that depends on fossil fuels They strive to achieve diversity.

We can end the pandemic next year With only a small amount of money, the governments of high-income democracies can change the plight of billions of people living in fragile countries, thus proving that they are both caring and capable. Martin Wolf writes. We share honor and disgrace.

Martin Wolf: This is a global war, but bold action on vaccines gives our government a chance to win this war

Martin Wolf: This is a global war, but bold action on vaccines gives our government a chance to win this war ©James Ferguson

Young Iranians find freedom in camping Doubt that the Islamic Republic will change, the young people of Iran Escape restrictions by gathering in the countryside. Once in the country’s forests, mountains, deserts and islands, young women will abandon their Islamic bedding while a group of friends dance, sing, take drugs and have sex.

After the Congressional riots, U.S. companies accumulated cash reserves of political funds After the riots in the U.S. Capitol, more than 40 U.S. companies that stopped providing political donations Sitting on $28 million in unused cash, To provide them with an unusually large amount of dry powder for deployment before next year’s mid-term congressional elections.

Tipping social media Let your salary be supplemented by random actions in the following ways: Nobles have an obligation It is a stressful means of earning a living. However, if this epidemic strengthens the debate against tipping, then social media seems to intend to make this habit more entrenched. Elaine Moore wrote, Because Twitter and Clubhouse introduced the method of prompting.

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Bitcoin:’I am either rich or I am wrong’ When the 29-year-old Sam found out that his brother had earned 30,000 pounds trading bitcoin, he couldn’t believe what he had heard. The self-employed musician decided to invest the last 2,000 pounds of his savings into various cryptocurrencies, hoping that he could double his money. Money clinic The host Claer Barrett (Claer Barrett) explored the highs and lows of this type of investment.

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