“East City Love” costume designer talks about Kate Winslet’s “safety blanket” and tells the story through fashion

“East City Love” costume designer talks about Kate Winslet’s “safety blanket” and tells the story through fashion


HBO’s popular detective TV series “Mare of Easttown” (Mare of Easttown) has a hard-won practical significance far beyond its hard Delco accent.

From Marley’s musty Ocean City sweatshirts to the Philadelphia Eagles upholstered chairs in Kenny McMenamin’s living room, every detail of the show’s production has been carefully selected to give the series a vivid and stimulating look. The advantage of people’s aftertaste.

That morning, the mare delivered news to Kenny about the murder of his daughter. It’s hard to imagine all Sundays when Kenny was drunk and clung to the chair during the tense fourth quarter Eagles game. When things don’t go well, it’s obvious that he might win the championship with Erin.

At that explosive moment, when Mare watched the trailer for the family drama, she wore the same old Filson coat, which was the epitome of her perseverance as an investigator.

These private signs of storytelling reveal its importance to writers Brad Ingsby He and his staff integrated the presence of Easttown into the plot of the show, making the family rhythm of the community the heartbeat of the series.

It was Ingelsby of Berwyn, Chester County who advised fashion designer Meghan Kasperlik Spend time watching people in Wawa Do research for the show. Part of the series was shot in 2019 before the pandemic. The cast and crew reunited in 2020 and completed production under the constraints of Pennsylvania’s health and safety regulations, Shooting in the Philadelphia area, Including Coatesville, Chadds Ford, Phoenixville, Wallingford, Springfield and Philadelphia.

Mare Billy JohnMichelle K. Short/HBO

Billy and John Ross, played by Robert Tann and Joe Tippell, sit in the living room of his cousin Kenny McMenamin, The latter is played by Patrick Murney, when he learned of the death of his daughter Erin.

Before joining the “Mother of Eastern Towns”, Kaspersky’s last TV project was HBO’s “Gateman” mini series, which is a gorgeous superhero action drama at the other end in terms of design. The film series was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was actually shot in Atlanta.

Kabasperik said: “It’s fun for me to go back to something that is truly community-led and real. It’s completely the opposite of what I did for the Watchmen.” “I think if Kate Winslet ( Kate Winslet) To do this project, there must be something special.”

Kaspersky’s costume design credits include works in major movies such as “The Dark Knight Rises”, “American Hustle”, “Eight Men of the Sea” and “Fahrenheit 451”.

Kaspersky Headshot MareCourtesy/for PhillyVoice

Meghan Kasperlik.

She learned about the connection between Ingsby and Pennsylvania by co-authoring the crime drama “The Outbreak” filmed in Pittsburgh in 2013. It reminded her of her work in the tough independent film “Small Accidents” shot in a coal mining town in West Virginia.

Kasperlik has lived in New York for several years. Before that, he worked in fashion public relations and styling, and then worked as a production job in the fashion designer Patricia Field of Sex and the City. She grew up in the Grand Rapids area of ??Michigan, and explained that when she came to “the mare of Eastern Town”, she had only one or two anti-aesthetic awareness of the cold weather and hard-working community.

Kasperlik said of the western suburbs of Philadelphia: “I feel like a climate in terms of temperature, a working-class background-everything is similar to the place where I grew up.” “If someone is in a building, or they Work in a local bar, or they have coached a minor league football team, then they will always have a logo.”

Two buyers in the Philadelphia area helped Kaspersky acquire many unique clothing items in the entire collection, from T-shirts for certain bands to prints that pay tribute to local businesses.

Kaspersky said: “The big problem with TV is to get permission to ensure that we are allowed to use a lot of logos.” “You can never have any crime or suspect wearing something that might degrade the brand image.”

Take the role of Erin’s ex-boyfriend and the main suspect in the murder, Dylan Hinchey, as an example. Kasperlik knew New York and was blessed by them, including Korn and the lesser-known King’s Destroyer. He appeared in the scene wearing a variety of band shirts. In the interview with the chief Mare and Carter, he also wore a Kung Fu tie hoodie in the penultimate episode to pay tribute to the bars and music venues of Fishtown.

Kaspersky said: “I think this is a child, he may be listening to a lot of music, maybe just something outside the brand.” “Not necessarily the most popular thing. This is just what he may like, and in the process I got it.”

Then there is the Dave Matthews Band T-shirt worn by Mare’s closest friend Lori Ross.This The shirt has recently fueled Reddit fan theory Lowry has some connection with Irene’s murder. The body on the graphic tee is similar to the location where Erin’s body was found in Creedham Creek.

You should not see Kate Winslet. You should go to see Mare. That’s an important storytelling point in clothing, hair, and makeup. Don’t let anyone think it’s Kate Winslet. “-Meghan Kasperlik, costume designer for “The Mare of Oriental Town”

Kaspersky said: “I haven’t seen that.” “It’s really interesting. In this project, I thought about a lot of things. People were very excited about every detail. People paid attention to them. I have to remind myself. , People will see these details. They “I want to talk about the details. I must urge myself to continue to focus on all these issues in future projects. “

The show’s costume and makeup work was nowhere more impressive than its star actress Kate Winslet. Kate Winslet spoke candidly about how “a mess” Mare Sheehan was, and ” Did not show her appearance. Winslet even told Independent line In real life, she is more like a mare, rather than the dizzying characters she played in other movies.

Kasperlik found that the opportunity to try on Winslet was rare and unforgettable. It could bring a strong character like Mare to life and leave enough room for his resignation to make the beauty shine.

Kasperik said: “Kate is really very, very cute, amazing, and such a collaborator.” “She usually plays a more attractive person, so people are talking,’Oh, she’s Kate Winslet, she doesn’t look good,’-an office worker, an ordinary person. She is a very beautiful woman, so let her down, make her look like an ordinary person instead of a movie star, always a A big challenge.”

In most cases, Winslet will work in jeans and T-shirts-sometimes sweatpants, why not? According to reports, hair stylist Lawrence Davis (Lawrence Davis) told the show’s actors that bringing the best headboard to the stage every day, which defeats the purpose of exquisite grooming. The intent of the mare is usually the opposite.

“We don’t always put the most flattering things on her. This is to make her look heavier and more real. This is not like a movie star, but more like your ordinary person, tailored to your body. Custom clothes.” “When I do a show like “Watchmen”, you want everything to be tailor-made, but the point of “maternal love” is to make everyone look like they just took their clothes off the floor I picked it up and thought I had another piece of clothing. One day, until they had to wash it. It’s more like many of us throw things away in the morning.”

Kasperlik particularly likes the symbolic meaning of the Filson jacket that Mare beats. This jacket may exude the flavor of Fruit Pebbles, or any vape flavor that Mare likes.

Kaspersky said: “I really don’t want to have multiple coats.” “I think many times I will see a lot of changes on TV, especially actresses like Kate. But this is her safety blanket. We need to have Philson jacket. It has to be worn in every scene, because this is what she wears in a detective jacket.”

Some clothing design details, such as small cracks in the clothes, play a subtle and important role in the development and performance of the character. It is deeper than many viewers realize.

Winslet Mahler (OC)Michelle K. Short/HBO

Kate Winset wears an Ocean City jersey at the “Mare of Easttown” scene.

Kaspersky said: “The actors have noticed this, which helps them to establish their own character.” “They know that even if the audience can’t see the cracks, tears or aging in the costume, the actors know it is there. Costume. The design is storytelling. If you think about it, you will see actors wearing their costumes on the camera. You shouldn’t see Kate Winslet; you should see Marley; that’s in costume, hair and makeup One of the important storytelling points of “Don’t let anyone think that this is Kate Winslet. The process of character development takes place in the fitting room.”

Kaspersky said that she chose to give Mare an Ocean City jersey because a beach scene was deleted from the script. The crew was supposed to film on the Jersey Shore, but when the pandemic complicated the production, the scene was cut off. With a visual cue, this sweatshirt becomes the telling part of Mare’s character, showing the audience her identity and places she has been.

Kasperik said: “No one ever said that Mare would wear an Ocean City jersey.” “I decided that if she went to Ocean City since her childhood, she would need an Ocean City sport. Shirt.”

Kaspersky said that in other parts of the series, she particularly liked choosing clothes for characters like Siobhan Sheehan and Erin’s secret best friend Jess Riley, who wore a Spyro video game T-shirt in a scene.

Mare Jess SpyroMichelle K. Short/HBO

Jess Riley, played by Ruby Cruz, wears a Spyro T-shirt in “Easttown Mare.”

Kaspersky said: “I really like Theobhan’s character.” “I think there are some very interesting prints and T-shirts printed on teenagers, which show a little bit of color and hope in a monotonous time. A good way.”

Mare SiobhanMichelle K. Short/HBO

Siobhan Sheehan, played by Angouri Rice, is a group in the role of “the mare of the eastern town”, and their costumes are more vivid.

Kasperlik said in the production of “The Mare of Eastern Town” that she drew a lot of inspiration from the Philadelphia area and spent a lot of time visiting as many places as possible.

Before the pandemic, she lived in the old town?? and fell in love with the era boutiques and spirits store Art. She is full of praise for the breadth of Philadelphia cuisine.

During the production pandemic, Kasperlik rented a house in Ardmore and said she spent a lot of free time hiking.

Kaspersky and her colleagues’ fascination with the “Mare of the East Town” in this area has not disappeared. She feels that the show’s appeal is even greater, partly because the lifestyle portrayed in Easttown strangely reflects the stressfulness of COVID-19 and the age at home. Attitudes and standards have changed, allowing people to see the struggle of human beings in real pants more realistically.

Kaspersky said: “The Philadelphia community has aroused people’s interest, but I also think we are used to seeing glamorous and very fascinating things.” “What we show is a real community with real difficulties. It is in a pandemic. What appeared in the later period, it just showed the audience real people. Unlike all other exhibitions about fashion or location, I think everyone is related to people walking out of the house wearing sweatpants. The appearance of the house in the exhibition and people’s The beauty of appearance-this is very real. It resonates. Who knew that the pandemic style would be Easttown?”

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