Dominic Cummings accused Boris Johnson of saying that “Covid just killed an 80-year-old child” in order to avoid a lockdown.

According to reports, DOMINIC Cummings claimed that Boris Johnson stated that “Covid just killed 80-year-olds” in order to avoid blockades.

in the afternoonThe former chief adviser will provide evidence to members of the Joint Health and Science Committee tomorrow.

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According to reports, Dominic Cummings claimed that Boris Johnson said “Covid just killed an 80-year-old child”Credit: PA
Former adviser to Boris is scheduled to give evidence to members of Congress tomorrow


Former adviser to Boris is scheduled to give evidence to members of Congress tomorrowCredit: Rex

Mr. Cummings Would claim that Boris said “Coronavirus disease Just killed an 80-year-old child” because he postponed a plan to launch a second lock-in in the fall, TV station report.

According to reports, he will also accuse the Prime Minister of not wanting to repeat what he said, even though it was a mistake locked in March when the pandemic started.

Mr. Cummings will claim that Boris said he “became the mayor of Jaws like I was supposed to be in March”, referring to the mayor in the 1975 film, who kept the beach open despite the killing sharks roaming the waters.

According to reports, a government insider told mirror Mr. Johnson approved the controversial plan UEFA Super League – in spite of Later vowed to stop it.

According to sources, the meeting between Dan Rosenfield, the director of the Prime Minister’s Office, and John Johnson made him aware of this idea. Manchester United Chairman Ed Woodward (Ed Woodward).

According to reports, the source said: “Boris doesn’t know much about football, so he said it was a good idea. Therefore, Dan told the clubs that No. 10 club would not get in the way. Then everything started.”

According to reports, another government source told the Mirror that Mr. Johnson believed that the disease was the “only” killing of an 80-year-old.

They claimed that he said: “If I was 80 years old and I didn’t care, I would be more worried about the economy.”

‘BODIES’ claim denied

Last month, Mr. Johnson Denies reports that he would rather see “a pile of tens of thousands of bodies” Instead of ordering Britain to return to the blockade for the third time.

The Prime Minister dismissed his claim to make the above remarks after the 10th meeting and insisted that Covid’s restrictions are indeed effective.

He allegedly made the above comments after being told he had no choice but to put the country back under severe restrictions in October last year.

But when asked if Boris ever said such a thing, Boris replied: “No.”

He went on to add: “But I think the important thing people want us to do as the government is to make sure that the blockade will work.

“I really want to pay tribute to the people of this country. The whole country is united and through the implementation of a vaccination program, we have controlled this disease.

“The number of deaths and the number of hospitalizations is currently very low. This does not mean that Covid is over. We have to be realistic.

“Unfortunately, there may be another wave, but the vaccination program is so large that we have built some pretty strong fortifications against the next wave.”

The Prime Minister also advised voters not to be interested in the report.

He said: “I know why you want to focus on this type of thing, but I really don’t think that is what the public needs.

“What they want to know is our work plan, growth plan, rebound plan, Delivery according to the roadmap.

“To what extent will we promote this process?

“According to the current situation, I think we have a great opportunity to truly open up on June 21st.

“But we must proceed with caution and continue to provide data instead of dates. I think this is of interest to people.”


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