Crossroads Comedy Theater brings back live performances

Crossroads Comedy Theater Live performances are being resumed.

The comedy group announced a live broadcast, and the live performance will begin in June of this year Exiled at the South Philadelphia Theater (1340 S. 13th St.) This is the first time since the pandemic began.

Founder Mike Marbach said in a press release: “This is the first live comedy performance by many performers since the pandemic. In addition, this is the first live performance at the Crossroads Comedy Theater.” “I look forward to it. Get rid of the dust and make everyone laugh again.”

The Crossroads Comedy Theatre was established in 2021 and is composed of Mike Marbach, former art director and educational director of the Philly Improv Theater, centralizes Philadelphia’s online comedy scene After COVID-19 has suspended all live performances.

Marbach Crossroads was created to integrate all websites, social media, email addresses, and ticketing systems to support the way actors adapt to the new normal.

Their new series of performances follow the strict health and safety protocols of the CDC and Philadelphia.Other comedy clubs, including Philadelphia Press Line with helium, Also announced a live performance.

The crossroads will be marked with “Not yet rated: impromptu movies“(Friday, June 11) At 8:30 in the evening, there will be an “unrated” cast performance, which uses movie metaphors and audience suggestions to make the movie live.

After the first performance, Crossroads invited customers to participate in “No dizziness: Old-fashioned hip-hop/R&B jam jam“At 10pm, the show hosted by Tia Kemp will organize a playlist of old hip-hop/R&B music and videos from which actors can create scenes.

At 7:30pm on June 12th (Saturday), customers can see “Borrowed time: independent impromptu display, Among them are the improvisation team “Hoffman” and “Dad Problem”. The show will feature performances by resident actors outside the theater.

At 9pm that night, fans can watch “Study room: comedy inspired by lectures“After Professor Michael Yudell worked with Philly Improv for more than a decade, he played the leading role in his farewell plan.

Professors and experts teach topics from their fields and Crossroad’s improvisational scenes, inspired by lecturers. The show has been performed in theaters such as the Philadelphia Impromptu Theater, the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and the Independence Hall of the United States.

Extree! extreme!News-inspired comedy“It will run on Sunday, June 13th at 7pm. The show discussed the news of the past week, and the actors created improvised scenes based on the titles of stories submitted by the audience.

detail In the upcoming performances from July 16th to 18th and August 13th to 15th, they will be released later in the season.

All performers in the theater are fully vaccinated and perform without masks-a safe distance of 10 feet from the audience. The theater said that the seats can only accommodate 50% of the seats, and the chairs will also be spread out.

Admission ticket All programs can only be purchased online, regardless of the vaccination situation, all viewers must wear masks. All staff interacting with the audience will wear masks.

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