Court documents stated that anti-covertaker Chris Saccoccia threatened to kill Doug Ford and other prime ministers

Court documents show that one of Canada’s most enthusiastic anti-mask and anti-blockade figures, Chris Saccoccia, was arrested last week after allegedly threatening to kill Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford (Doug Ford) and Other prime ministers of Canada.

The latest allegation against Saccoccia (also known as Chris Sky) came from a speech on the phone with the so-called head of the Canadian Republican Party, Rob Carbone, on May 12. The Canadian Electoral Corporation does not list the party on its website.

Documents from the Ontario court show that Nicolas also allegedly threatened to kill Carben. Before that, people often saw someone connected with Nicolas.

Saccoccia faces multiple charges

One week after receiving the so-called call, in an attempt to arrest the York area, the officer tried to block the vehicle in Sacosia. The police say Saccoccia Overthrow and accuse an officer, “Let him jump away to avoid being beaten.”

The police said that Nicolas quickly fled from the police officers and turned around to commit suicide the next day.

The 37-year-old from Kingstown, north of Toronto, is now facing three charges of issuing death threats, one of which is for assaulting a sheriff with a weapon and operating dangerous vehicles.

No allegations have been confirmed in court.

CBC News has asked Saccoccia for comment. On Twitter, he called these allegations “false” and “smearing methods” and said that evidence and witnesses would exonerate him.

Nicolas was released on bail with a variety of conditions, including that he must live with the guarantor every night, and unless he has the express written permission of the guarantor, he must not contact Ford or Carben or be nearby, and do not possess any weapons. And do not operate the vehicle.

He plans to return to court in July.

Other running-in with law enforcement

Until recently, people often saw Sky and Carbone at the same time in photos and videos on social media, usually at anti-lock rallies in Ontario.

CBC News has also contacted Carbone for comment.

This is just the latest of several break-ins between Saccoccia and law enforcement agencies in recent months.

Back in October, Accused of violating the Quarantine Act After violating the federal travel quarantine regulations, he appeared at an anti-blockade rally in downtown Toronto for two consecutive weekends after traveling to Europe.

He also organized demonstrations against the COVID-19 public health order across Canada.

Staphylococcus was originally Previously arrested by police in Thunder Bay, Ontario., The reason is that a party was organized in the city in April.He too Fined at Winnipeg anti-restriction rally That month.

Saccoccia is also one of the organizers Protest to wear mandatory masks On Toronto’s bus system last July Spreading forged “exemption cards” In order to avoid emergency regulations, the city issued regulations requiring faces to be covered in indoor public places.

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