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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange service company Coinbase today announced the beta release of Coinbase Prime, the company’s new fully integrated prime brokerage business solution that provides custody, advanced trading, data analysis and major services.

Coinbase Prime, separate from Coinbase Exchange; is constructed according to the specific requirements and services required by customers to participate in encrypted assets.

“Based on feedback from hundreds of customers, Coinbase reimagined our Prime product to bring the first integrated product to the market. We will provide transactions, algorithms, smart order routing, and one of the most powerful custody products in the industry- Build our institutional product suite to provide institutions with the most seamless, intuitive and reliable solution to manage crypto assets. We have invested in multiple Acquisition In the past three years, this has marked our Institutional space And our desire to bring fully integrated solutions to the market. Advanced traders need more sophisticated tools, trading functions and reports; with the launch of Coinbase Prime, we are honored to be able to bring them more. “
– Greg Tusar, Vice President of Institutional Products, Coinbase

Coinbase Prime will provide customers with a variety of new features and advantages, including:

  • Seamless transfer between our isolated cold storage and transaction balance.
  • Strong liquidity with more than ten different places.
  • The smart order delivery function will automatically deliver your order to the venue at the best price.
  • Advanced algorithms designed to reduce market impact and slippage.
  • Detailed transaction cost analysis reports can provide transparency about the way transactions are executed.
  • Enhanced user roles, fine-grained permissions and sub-accounts.
  • Encryption native functions such as encryption and governance.
  • Our business coverage, customer management and transaction teams provide concierge services.

To learn more about Coinbase Prime, Custody, OTC or white label brokerage services click here.

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