After the controversial completion, Giants coach Joe Judge is ready to take the next step in the second year

The New York Giants have yet to win a game, and Je Judge, under a gloomy blue cap, drips rain from the bill on a gloomy, gloomy working day in October, smiling. He is telling the truth. He heard the voice of fact. He may be very demanding. He may be very picky. He does not play rock, paper, or scissors.

However, no one is more demanding of himself than the Giants head coach, and no one is more demanding. And he knew he had the answer he wanted in October. The muddy face that entered the Giant’s practice range that afternoon told him-his team would be fine.

In his first year as the NFL head coach, the 2000 Lansdale Catholic graduate won the NFC Eastern Championship, but he failed in the fourth quarter, as did the Eagles’ season finale tank job. He improved the Giants’ record to 6-10 points, an improvement of two games from last season, the best result since 2016. A year later, the judges had a profound influence on the team’s culture, making the Giants develop in an upward direction. .

Now, the New York Giants are contenders in the playoffs.

But Joe Judge didn’t want to hear any such words. He comes from the coaching tree of Bill Belichick, whose season was hoisted in early February with the Lombardi trophy.

After the NFL rookie season, what does Joe Judge think of Joe Judge?

The judge said: “After the season, I may have a more rigorous assessment of what I have to do.” “What can I do for our team? I absolutely love our team. I like where we are going. I love our locker room, but we don’t want to. We told our guys in the first meeting that this will not be an easy place to play and they really responded to it.

“That’s by design. It’s intentional. Wherever I’ve been, where we succeeded, they made it valuable and difficult, but they did it purposefully. Our guys really In response to this. I think this generation of players is really smart, they will really understand why you do things. It narrows the distance where you are going.

“This is an interesting team.”

The judge said that this was the biggest thing in his first season and once again proved some of his own things. There is a group of experienced senior coaches around him. The people he trusts may not have the same ideas as him, but they have the same core values ??and ideas as him.

He is not afraid to hear “no”.

He said: “We look at things with the same goals and from the perspective of the team.” “For me, many things are reiterated as you move on, that is, you have to keep the foundation, you have to keep the foundation, you have to Be patient with what you are doing, and don’t let external factors affect the way we work within the team.

“We can do this. I think that will be a challenge. We have been talking about ignoring noise and we can do it.”

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The judge admitted that he has a good working relationship with Dave Gettleman, the general manager of the Giants. One of the main platforms that the judge emphasized when working for the Giants is that everyone must be on the same page.

The judge said: “Everyone must work together and can never be the side of a building. “Everyone in this alliance has a certain degree of talent. However, the divided buildings cannot be successful. I have been able to work with some great people in the league.

“One thing they can do is to truly unite everyone in the building. They all know what the task is and how they will get there. There is no division. No one is looking for credit everywhere. Everyone shared it. They shared it. A plan and a concept. When I joined the Giants, I banged the drums and screamed.

“There is no objection here. Everyone is an expert in their field, and we will move forward together. I keep telling our people that I am okay with hearing “yes”, I am okay with hearing “no”, and I am okay with surprises. .”

The ownership and management of the giant gave the judges trust and confidence from the very beginning. The ownership of giants is practiced every day. The judge’s focus is to tell everyone what his message is and what his vision is.

The judge said: “Ownership understands what we are doing and what we need to improve, and there is tremendous support internally.” “If anyone looks back on last year’s season, they can only say that except for Tampa (Bay Buccaneers), this is a success. Yes, because only one team can’t get the bonus.”

Under the leadership of the judge, the Giants made considerable progress last season. His first task is to build a foundation and build a culture. If the Giants do nothing, that is what the judge wants to accomplish to get the franchise forward again. Before the judge arrived, the Eagles had the Giants in the past five years, beating New York eight times in a row.

Last season, the Giants defeated the Eagles for the first time since 2016. If it weren’t for the decline at the end of the fourth quarter that the Eagles beat the Celtics 22-21 at Lincoln Financial Field on October 22, they would have been Should be won twice. Last season 1-7, then rebounded to 5-3.

“When we were 0-5 and 1-7, I probably knew more about our team than in other aspects. This is because our employees work every day, work hard every day, in a consistent pace, and at no time Opportunity to quit. They continue to go back to work,” the judge said. “We show them every week what they did wrong and they understand. I have a team that can solve problems. We were 0-5 at the time, and I remember standing there in the downpour, watching our team in the mud Practice on the court, I look at our players, this is one of the best practices I have ever experienced.

“That was sloppy. We had a few close contacts and there is actually no offensive line. We have a cricket guard who is learning to play center and everything that can be against you, and he is watching our team Practice, I was thinking,’We’ll be fine. These guys understand what work is. These guys left the field with a muddy smile. They like to play football.”

Last year was an important first step taken by the judge. The Giants seem to be in the playoffs. The judge wants more than that. The Giants are heading in the right direction.

Likewise, the judge did not want to hear that.

“My employees are all people I know, and they all know they can walk into my office at any time and say,’Joe, I don’t agree with this,’ we will discuss this and reach some agreement, the judge said.

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In the controversial 20-14 loss to the Washington football team, the judge did not withdraw the Eagles’ season finals. Washington defeated the Giants and won the NFC Eastern Championship. Many sources within the NFL and the Eagles say that the last game was designed for the Eagles “tank”. The fired Eagles coach Doug Pederson pulled Jalen Hurts (Jalen Hurts) and insisted that he wanted to give three-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld once Opportunity for competition. Despite this, he still claims that he “is winning in the coach.”

Everyone else in the NFL knows the truth-Pedersen was instructed to slam Hutt, under the name of Sudfield, to improve the Hawks’ draft status. The Hawks denied this, although it was very effective for Birds, they got the sixth overall pick and replaced that pick with another 2022 first-round pick. This left a bad taste for the rest of the NFL, especially the Giants.

The judge said: “I like Doug Pedersen. I have nothing but absolute respect for Doug.” “Someone asked me about this situation, raised it with our team, and then released it to the media. My comment is not about Doug, but about the situation. Doug has always been very good to me, but my overall evaluation of the game is about respecting the game and respecting the players who fight for victory.

“Blank, we won six games. We are not a playoff team. We should not get it. I have no complaints about it. We have to get better. I like our team. I want to make the playoffs. I want to keep playing. That’s why you play the game. I want to give our team a chance to succeed.”

In the second year of the judge, the Giants found themselves in much better shape than in 2020. In the second game of the 2020 Giants, superstar guard Saquon Barkley returned after suffering a torn ACL at the end of the season on his right knee. Golladay has a great advantage. Combining him with Darius Slayton, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram and first-round pick Kadarius Toney makes it possible for the Giants to become the best technical combination in the NFC East.

Moving forward, the judge believes that a team has been integrated into his vision.

The judge said: “I don’t intend to make predictions or comparisons, but to put it more in general, that is, from the individual and collective basis of our team, making improvements every day.” “That’s it. It starts in the spring. , Go through training camp and enter the season.”

It probably won’t involve any games of rock, paper, or scissors.

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