The Phillies’ defense is really terrible

We will wait for the numbers, but Dave Drombrowski set the tone before the Philadelphians’ series started with the Red Sox last weekend.

He told reporters: “We know we will not be a really good defensive team. But you want to play well and catch the ball you can catch.”

The Phillies continued to make five mistakes in the three games against Boston, and even more defensive errors did not appear on free throws.Not surprisingly, they were lucky not to get Swept, two-thirds of the vote was given to the AL Eastern leaders.

One of the biggest losses in the field was a 4-3 loss in midfield. Third baseman Alec Bohm (Alec Bohm) decided to cut a point, and there was an obvious opportunity for a player to enter the zone-but to throw it farther from second base-this is the difference in the game.

Girardi said of Saturday night’s defense: “It’s really frustrating. I believe we are better than our game. We work hard and do things every day. This allows everyone involved in it. Everyone feels frustrated.”

In Sunday’s finals, they proved that the defense did not improve, because two head errors on the ninth hole could cost Philadelphia the ultimate price, if it weren’t for a poor offense to gain a solid five-game lead. Substitute shortstop Ronald Torreyes threw a potential end-of-game doubles ball over Rhys Hoskins’ head, and then Bohm fouled on third base (with Andrew Na (Andrew Knapp) after poor communication).

We can’t be absolutely sure how many runs or extra outs were made by these wrong decisions, but it is undeniable that this team will be better than the current ranking, only hovering around .500. mark.

So far, Philadelphia has performed embarrassingly poorly on almost all defensive indicators and indicators in 47 games (

Metric statistics rank
Defensive efficiency .683 25th
Mistake 28 years old 12th most
Guards are above average. -20 30th
Defensive moves are saved -31 30th
A good show above average. -2 25th

Based on the metrics used to evaluate Major League Baseball defense, the Phillies are just miserable. Substitution-level average defense is likely to make the Phillies ranked first in the NL East. Regarding the question of how many extra runs the Department of Defense allows due to the lack of fundamentals, they are almost out of reach.

Bohm performed well in 2020. His rookie field goal percentage was only 0.220. He made eight turnovers with third basemen and ranked fifth in baseball history. Didi Gregorius himself made 6 mistakes, ranking 11th among the 1,108 players played this season.

position Mistake Guards are above average. Out%
C 0 2 (6th) 71% (30th)
1B 1 piece -1 (17th) 94% (seventh)
2B 5 -1 (20th) 88% (27th)
SS 9 -3 (22nd) 86% (24th)
3B 8 -4 (26th) 82% (27th)
in case 2 pcs -3 (26th) 45% (21st)
carbon fiber 0 -6 (27th) 56% (22nd)
Radio frequency 0 -4 (26th) 47% (25th)

No position is immune. Phils was not attributed to him for making mistakes in the receiver, center, or right court, but compared to other teams in the league, the percentage of balls that hit the ball that caused them to be out is simply too bad.

Only first base Hoskins (Hoskins) effectively played his position, enough to make the top ten.

Eye testing and knowledge of advanced statistics can clearly portray this: this is not an easy problem to solve.

Moving Bohm to first will do more harm than good because Hoskins played well there and is a potential substitute for third base (like Scott Kingery) And Jean Segura Already stinks in the wild. One upgrade or even several upgrades will not solve the problem, because the Philadelphians’ defensive players are struggling alongside each other.

In addition, every day players are more or less providing batting skills-they are just not in time.As we mentioned last week, Phils offensive Hang them dreamy and start pitching dry. They ranked eighth among 30 teams. Their .238 team batting average is actually sixth in the NL, and most of their offensive statistics are in the middle of that packet.

In short, regardless of Zack Wheeler’s field goal percentage or Bryce Harper’s field goal percentage, giving the team more appearances is a losing formula.

Girardi said after winning 6-2 on Sunday: “It’s really the same thing.” “In a sense, it’s everything. Sometimes we don’t hit, sometimes we don’t play defense, there is We didn’t pitch the ball at the time. Because of our continued efforts, it did fluctuate up and down and inconsistently continue to work hard to make us more consistent. If we are to join us in September, we need to be more consistent.”

In any other sport, or in any other department, such a bad defense will definitely put a team firmly in the bottom right now.

When asked if the Phillies were lucky enough to only retreat 1.5 games, he said: “We are lucky, no team can finish 10-12 games before 0.500.” “THe has a chance to move on. “

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