The investigation shows that the victims of the Italian cable car disaster are concerned about the reasons for the failure of the brakes

The investigation into the 14 deaths caused by the Italian cable car disaster will focus on why the lead cable broke and the emergency brake did not engage and why the cabin could not tilt back before sliding down the support line and falling to the ground. The chief prosecutor said Monday.

Verbania prosecutor Olimpia Bossi outlined the outline of the investigation, which was based on what she said was objective, empirical fact: “The brakes of the safety system will not work properly. Otherwise, the cabin will stop functioning. ,”she says. “Why this happened is naturally under investigation.”

Bossi is a journalist. He is the only survivor of Sunday’s horrible tragedy. A five-year-old Israeli boy living in Italy is still hospitalized in Turin, where there are multiple broken bones.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs identified him as Eitan Biran. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that his parents, younger brother and two great-grandparents were dead.

Italian media identified all other victims as Italian residents.

Rescue workers used the remains of the cable car to work after the cable car collapsed on Sunday near the summit of the Stresa-Motaro inner line in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. (Italian Police/Associated Press)

Raise a safety question

The disaster raised new questions about the quality and safety of Italy’s transportation infrastructure at the top of the Mottarone hill overlooking Lake Maggiore and other lakes near Switzerland, one of the most beautiful spots in northern Italy.

Transport Minister Enrico Giovannini visited the site on Monday and announced a commission of inquiry to investigate the “technical and organizational causes” of the disaster, while prosecutors will focus on any criminal liability .

Giovannini told reporters in the small lakeside town of Stresa at the foot of Mottarone that the purpose of the investigation committee was to “ensure that this never happens again.”

The Ministry of Transport stated that preliminary inspections of the safety and maintenance records of the cables showed that the entire elevator structure was refurbished in August 2016, and a comprehensive maintenance inspection was carried out in 2017, and more inspections were carried out last year.

In November 2020 and December 2020, other inspections were carried out on the cable itself, including the magnetic inspection of the main cable of the elevator: the cable that pulls the cabin up the mountain, the support cable and the rescue cable that secure the car. The Ministry of Health said that another visual inspection was carried out in December.

On Sunday, a police officer saluted the hearse leading to the inner line of Stresa-Motaro near Stresa, Italy. (Antonio Carrani/Associated Press)

The Mayor of Stresa, Marcella Severino (Marcella Severino) quoted witnesses as saying that they heard a “loud hissing” sound, apparently because the lead wire was broken. She said the cabin tilted back until it apparently hit a tower and then fell to the ground. She said it ran into a tree after turning it over two or three times.

Rescuers said that some bodies were thrown from the car and were found in the bushes.

The crash may be investigated as a crime: the prosecutor

When commenting on photography to LaPresse News Agency and other reporters in her office, Bossi pointed out that the emergency brake had engaged another cable car traveling on the mountain in the opposite direction.

She said that the possible crimes under investigation are multiple manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and “attack on public transportation.”

She admits that traffic crime is an unusual hypothesis, but justified it by pointing out that the cable car that goes up and down the mountain is a form of public transportation.

On Sunday, before the Serie A football match between Bologna and Juventus at the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna, Italy, players observed a minute of silence to mourn the victims of the cable car disaster. (Michele Nucci/LaPresse/Associated Press)

The funicular is popular with tourists and locals. It can stretch the height of Mottarone to 1,491 meters, overlooking the picturesque lake and surrounding Alps in Piedmont, Italy. There is a small amusement park Alpyland on this mountain, where there is a roller coaster for children. The area also has mountain bike trails and hiking trails.

It reopened a few weeks after the Italian winter coronavirus lockdown was lifted, and officials said that families are likely to use a sunny Sunday to visit the top of the mountain and enjoy the scenery.

The mayor announced his condolences for Stresa. Like tourist attractions across the country, the town has suffered a COVID-19 lockdown, which not only cuts foreign tourism, but also reduces local day trips by Italians.

Identify the victim

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs determined that the five Israelis killed were Eitan Biran’s parents Amit Biran and Tal Peleg-Biran, an Israeli-born couple studying and working in Pavia. Amit Biran’s Facebook page identified him as a medical student at the University of Pavia.

Their two-year-old son, Tom Biran, died at the scene. Peleg-Biran’s grandparents Barbara and Yitzhak Cohen also passed away. The Ministry of Health said that they arrived in Italy on May 19 to visit their granddaughter and great-grandson.

According to a statement from the National Research Council of Italy, Italian researcher Serena Consentino and her Iranian-born companion Mohammadreza Shahaisavandi were also other victims. Consentino received research funding.

View of the departure station of the cable car from Stresa to Motarone on Monday. The disaster in one of the most scenic regions of northern Italy has raised questions about the quality and safety of the country’s transportation infrastructure. (Antonio Carrani/Associated Press)

Vittorio Zorloni and his wife Elisabetta Persanini were also killed at the scene. Hospital officials said that their six-year-old son Mattia died in Regina Margherita after many efforts to revitalize his heart.

A young couple Silvia Malnati and Alessandro Merlo were killed. The Italian newspaper “La Stampa” quoted Marnati’s brother as staying in the city and frantically trying to call her.

Another couple, Roberta Pistolato and Angelo Vito Gasparro, celebrated Gasparro’s 45th birthday. La Stampa reported that before the tragedy, Pistolato had sent a text message to her sister in Puglia: “We are going up the cable car. This is heaven.”

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