The incident in which Sharna Walker referred to the “bodyguard” as “n *****” said that the incident had an impact on him “more than the time it took to pull the knife on me”

A furious drinker called him “n *****” the gunman said that the impact of this conflict on him was much more serious than when someone pulled a knife at him.

24-year-old Sharna Walker refused to enter the racial discrimination of the doorman Tristan Price, he refused her entry Birmingham On Saturday night.


Tristan Price says he wants to be brought to justice for his abuse
Sharna Walker was arrested in the video, calling the bodyguard


Sharna Walker was arrested in the video, calling the bodyguard “n *****” and spitting at him
The 24-year-old boy from Worcester was filmed during her disgusting rant


The 24-year-old boy from Worcester was filmed during her disgusting rantCredit: Facebook

Walker from Worcester was denied entry to the bar and was seen as pushing the bodyguard, calling him “black fist” and “f *** ing n *****” Turn around and spit in his body.

Tristan, 26, said he wants to be brought to justice for his abuse.

He told Birmingham Post: “I don’t want to cause trouble to her home, but this kind of behavior must be condemned. This is totally unacceptable.

“People commit suicide because of racial discrimination, and we cannot remain silent about this.

“I used a knife to pull me at work, which is really shocking. But it is worse because it is too vicious, and it has a greater impact on me.”

Tristan has been serving as a doorman for more than a year. He said it was “easier” to deal with an earlier incident in which a punter tried to attack him with a knife after being expelled.

He said: “To be honest, it made me think faster-it felt easier to deal with, the adrenaline started to flare up, was treated and then forgotten.

“It’s different. It stayed with me and it did affect me in different ways.”

“I hope people will not judge me or anyone by the color of our skin… [it] It’s just not acceptable.

He said: “I have had some incidents, but the use of racist language did not happen often.

“As a black man and a doorman, I realize that both things are stigmatized. I feel that I must remain calm because I know that the color of my skin may magnify my movements.

“In this case, I make sure that I can treat myself correctly.”

The footage of Walker’s prank was shared on social media, but her grandmother now fights back by saying that she is not a racist.

Pamela Croft, 62, told The Sun Online at her Worcester home: “Sana is definitely not a racist, 100%. She is just drunk.”

When asked if her granddaughter regretted her actions, whether she felt sorry, Mrs. Croft replied: “Yes.”

Weatherspoon After Walker’s disgusting outbreak, she also banned life in the bar.

She yelled racist slander among the bodyguards in the bar.


She yelled racist slander in the bar bodyguard.Credit: Facebook
The video shows the woman arguing with the bodyguard


The video shows the woman arguing with the bodyguard
Sharna was banned from taking food from the wind javelin after her novel


Sharna was banned from taking food from the wind javelin after her novelCredit: Facebook

A spokesperson for the drinker said: “We can confirm that this incident occurred outside the bar on Saturday night.

“The woman was deported because of her behavior. She spat at the entrance guard and racially discriminated against him.

“She also caused problems when she left. This behavior is totally unacceptable, and the woman was banned for life.

“We will also pursue her criminal losses and forward the CCTV and Bodycam tapes to the police.”

The defender Tristan described the incident in a post on Facebook: “I have not done security work like some people for many years, but in a short period of time, I have seen and I have experienced almost everything. I saw and experienced it at work.

“But it’s my business, or anyone who looks like me doesn’t have to go through it.

“There was a time when I would go through something like this and then brush it under the carpet, but time has passed.”

She has been banned for life


She has been banned for lifeCredit: Facebook
She lashed out at the security guards, pushed him away and called him a


She lashed out at the security guards, pushed him away and called him a “nigger”.
Sharna's grandmother defended her, calling her


Sharna’s grandmother defended her, calling her “100% not racist”Credit: Facebook

Before the accident, the cleaning agent was fired by the engineering company Bosch in 2019.

Worcester Bosch said in a statement: “In contrast to social media posts about racist incidents, we can confirm that the person was never directly hired by Worcester Bosch, but through The cleaning contractor is hired.

“The contractor has confirmed that she was fired on May 17, 2019. Our thoughts are the victims of this hurtful and very public attack.

“We feel very sad that our brand has been directly attacked by unfair social media. We confirm that we have zero tolerance for racist behavior both inside and outside the workplace.”

The audience who watched the video slammed her behavior, while others questioned why the onlookers did not do more to help her.

Someone said: “The disgusting thing is that even if we are drunk, there are such people in our society, but it still exists in her heart. This may be her behavior behind closed doors.”

Another wrote: “She was obviously intoxicated, but it is not an excuse for such vile abuse. Still spitting? Thought it was classified as an attack-it doesn’t look good for her future.”

The video shows the brunette Sharna arguing with a bodyguard while yelling for a friend.

Then, she lashed out at the security guard, pushed him away, and called him a “black cat” in front of shocked onlookers.

Then she walked away, calling him “f *** ing n *****”, then turned around and spat at him.

Police said today that a 24-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of racially discriminating against a barman in downtown Birmingham on Saturday night.

Allegedly, the Worcester woman used racist language to security personnel outside the figure of 8 between 8pm and 11.30pm.

She was also accused of racially discriminating against another man who was standing near the entrance of the bar and vandalizing the furniture inside earlier.

The police said she was still being questioned in police custody.

The chief prosecutor of the Birmingham Police Department James Spencer said: “This is a terrible incident and people are disgusted by it. We said that we will prioritize investigations, and a suspect has now been quickly arrested.

“Our downtown police team has been working hard to work with local businesses to make this city a safe and pleasant place to visit. Racist behavior is completely unacceptable, and we take this report very seriously.

“We are still trying to contact the victim, and we urge him to get in touch with him as soon as possible so that we can make a statement.”

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