Real-time update of voice finale

TUNE entered the two-night finale of “The Voice” to see who could walk away at a record price and worth $100,000.

The remaining 5 talented players will praise themselves and win the national championship in the singing competition.

The finale of Season 20 will be broadcast on the evening of Monday, May 24 and on the evening of Tuesday, May 25.

The two-hour finale will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm Eastern Time and can be broadcast on Peacock, Hulu or YouTube TV.

To vote for your favorite person, you can visit NBC voting page Or official Voice mobile app.

After a season of competition, the remaining five players will compete for The Voice.

Kelly have Kenzie Wheeler, Team Legend Victor Solomon, Knicks Owns Rachel Mac, and Blake team With Cam Anthony and Jordan Matthew Young Singing.

Since the start of the show, Wheeler has been the leader of the show, but Anthony may also become the most talented competitor with outstanding performance.

Shelton even said that Anthony might become the first “superstar” to participate in a singing competition.

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) announced the star lineup for the season 20 finale, which includes Lauren Daigle, Ben Platt, Gwen Stefani and Saweetie, Justin Bieber Thomas Rhett, Snoop Dogg and DJ Battlecat, a Republic, Maroon 5 and Kay Kelsea Ballerini.

This will be the first time that the exhibition welcomes you Former Judge Adam Levine When performing with the band Maroon 5

Levine is one of the original competitions that participated in the competition from 2012 to 2016.

The current judges will also perform with the contestants in the finals.

Read our voice live blog below for the latest news and updates…

  • CAM ANTONNY recruits a team of background dancers and singers

    In Cam Anthony’s excellent talk show performance, the contestants recruited a group of dancers and backup performers.

    Cam dressed in an all-white ensemble, and his companions on stage danced in unison and sang in matching red costumes.

    The judges recognized the performance, John Legend praised Cam’s “professionalism”, and Blake Shelton pointed out the contestants’ “God-given talents” “.

  • Blake Shelton reduced in his time

    In Monday’s dubbing, some of Blake Shelton’s former contestants appeared in pre-recorded clips to thank the coach for celebrating ten years in the show.

    Blake said: “In terms of people’s journeys, I have left some space in people’s lives.

    “Everyone here is doing well. They are killing now. They are making music for a living, which is very important.


  • For ten years, GWEN STEFANI shocked Blake Shelton

    After Blake Shelton took the stage to perform his song “Minimum Wage,” the country singer’s fiancé Gwen Stefani appeared in a pre-recorded clip to commemorate The long-time host celebrated ten years in the performance.

    Gwen said: “Sometimes I don’t think you realize your impact on the lives of so many other people in this show.”

    She continued: “Some of your former artists want to make sure you know what you mean to them.

    “Happy tenth anniversary. We love you so much.”

    Subsequently, many of Black’s former team members appeared on the screen to thank him for his contributions to his career.

  • Fans compared the performance of RACHEL MAC with the “Statue of Liberty”

    Although Rachel Mac performed “Dance of Hope” on stage, many viewers couldn’t help but compare her costume with “Statue of Liberty.”

    The singer wore a metallic gold dress and matching crown.

    One fan wrote: “Why is Rachel dressed up as the Statue of Liberty?”

    Another added: “Is Rachel borrowing Kelly’s stylist for tonight’s performance? How does the Statue of Liberty look like?”

    The third sound: “Did someone tell Rachel that she looks like the Statue of Liberty tonight?”

  • Jordan and Kelly Crown (JORDAN MATTHEW YOUNG)

    After Jordan Matthew Young’s first night, the judges praised his performance and style.

    John Legend told the contestants that he and Kelly Clarkson praised Jordan as the “best dressed”, while the 39-year-old Jordan shouted off the screen, saying that they absolutely agreed with the title .

  • Jordan Matthew Young says Blake is his right coach

    After Jordan Matthew Young participated in the trials for the first time, many judges served as chairpersons, but the contestant revealed why he chose to join Blake Shelton’s team.

    Before the first performance of the night, Jordan told the host Carson Daly: “When Blake and I started talking, it made a lot of sense to me.

    “And I also know that he will let me do what I naturally do.”

  • Meeting partner of Nick JONAS and athlete Victor Solomon Bond on Twitter

    Before the contestant Victor Solomon took the stage for the first performance of the night, a participant of the John Legends team revealed that he met his girlfriend on Twitter.

    After the host Nick Jonas was emotionally excited, he said that he was related to Victor’s story because he also met his wife and actress Priyanka Chopra on Twitter ( Priyanka Chopra).

  • Kelly praised KENZIE as “favorite country singer”

    Before the Kelly Team contestants performed on Monday’s “The Voice”, the host Carson Daly sat down with the contestants and Kelly to discuss how they would do Prepare for the first night of the game.

    After revealing his song selection, Kelly surprised the young perfomer contestant.

    She said to Kenzie: “Literally, you are one of my favorite country singers.”

  • Carson said “Music Night”

    The host Carson Daly promised the audience a “Music Night” when he played “Dubbing” on Monday.

    The two-part final of Season 20 will begin on Monday, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

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