Pilot killed when plane at Nellis Air Force Base crashed in Las Vegas

Pilot killed when plane at Nellis Air Force Base crashed in Las Vegas



Las Vegas (class)-According to Clark County fire officials, the pilot who crashed outside Nellis Air Force Base in northeastern Las Vegas on Monday died.

Nellis officials confirmed that the pilots work for Draken US, which is a contract company that provides enemy air support for the installation. The incident occurred around 2:30 pm, near East Carey Avenue and Nellis.

This aircraft is the Dassault Aviation Mirage F-1. The pilot is the only crew member.

Draken issued a statement, which read as follows:

Draken received news that a plane landed from Nellis Air Force Base (Nellis AFB) and unfortunately killed a pilot. We pray and pray to the people and families affected by this incident. We are doing everything we can to help them when needed, and we are working closely with federal, state and local authorities. Draken of the United States is still cooperating with investigative agencies to determine the cause of this tragic accident. “


Nellis wrote in the press release: “The men and women of the Nellis team extend their deepest condolences to our Draken winger teammates, friends and family.”

Since the aircraft is not a military aircraft, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said it will send an investigator to the scene.

As of Monday night, officials have not confirmed the pilot who died. Investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing.


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