NFL trade rumors: Julio Jones and the Eagles

Each. Every damn time. And we fell in love with it. Again and again, again and again.

Whenever a star player enters the game through a trade or free agent, the Eagles are always listed as one of the potential landing teams. This seems to be a collection of three or four teams, in fact it makes sense, and then a good “and the Eagles” team. We can’t help but talk about why the Eagles can trade this guy. Or they can persuade the free agent to sign here and ignore any common sense because they believe that something will be better.

However, just according to the law of equalization, maybe some common sense will prevail. It is obvious that the Eagles actually cannot have a legitimate chance to land all these guys. some? Of course it can, but this is getting ridiculous.

We will wait a moment for the reasons for this phenomenon, but first of all, today we once again propose that this phenomenon has a reason, yes, because I have clearly written articles about the “and eagle” phenomenon in the past. —This is the news, Julio Jones was killed in FS1’s “undisputed” on Monday morning, when he answered Shannon Sharpe’s call and said he May or may not know It was also broadcast live on national television.

The Barbarians of the Falcons bluntly said that he had left Atlanta.

There are rumors that the star veteran is coming out of Atlanta-apparently Jones first asked for a deal. months ago -Everyone now knows that this is true, which means that speculation about his position in 2021 will only increase in the coming days and weeks, because now it seems that the Falcons have no choice but to trade him. Even if he is injured, he will show his trade value by publicly expressing his desire to move on.

In this uninterrupted news cycle, the football writer doesn’t even need 30 minutes to start guessing what might happen next. In fact, this situation has been going on for several days-not only for writers, but also for sports betting.

On Friday afternoon, just before Jones publicly stated that he would quit, I received an email from a pair of betting sites, both of which had aggregated the probability that Jones would be defeated in the next game if he was actually traded. Interestingly, both of them will rank the Eagles as the top ten or so teams and have the opportunity to land on Jones. Both of them have a bird count of +1000. They are certainly not favorites, but they are still listed among them.

Following Jones’ comments on “undisputed”, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora did some verification of these odds, who shot down six teams in the run to make this unfortunate receiver Landing. These include the five most popular games with the highest odds-The Ravens, 49ers, Patriots, Stormtroopers and Titans, and the Eagles.

with. This. Eagles.

of course.

This is more from La Canfora…

If you are looking for a dark horse outside of these teams, I have seen the Eagles around 10-1, and you will never exclude them because of such a move. There is no monster team in this department. Although they are renovating under the leadership of the rookie head coach, they are always eager to trade to increase their talent. Yes, they only drafted Alabama WR in the first round, but shipowners have historically been spending a lot of money, and in the following years they have collected a large number of drafts, which makes it easier in this situation drop out. []

Earlier Monday, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell Wrote about a potential deal for Jones And which teams may actually be suitable for you, please note that most of the teams that have solicited Jones transaction funds, which certainly include the Eagles and their potential three first-round picks next year, are characterized by their rookie contracts. . However, Barnwell must also make sure to point out that Birds cannot afford two All-Pro players at all. His salary cap in 2021 is capped at 23 million U.S. dollars, in 2022. Only more than 19 million U.S. dollars each year and 2023, According to OverTheCap.

But this is assuming that the Hawks only weigh draft picks, not a player who might free up some (though not all) of the space. At present, the Eagles have more than 4 million U.S. dollars in cap space to use. If they only have some kind of player who wants to pay big and want to move on…oh wait, they have Zach Ertz, but that is another matter on a different day. why? Because this will put the shopping cart ahead of the horse.

The prerequisites for making Jones’ contract suitable or finding the right deal to conclude the deal are: 1. The Eagles are actually making a potential deal for Jones, and 2. Jones even wants to play here.

Of course, the players traded may not always be able to say the final performance, but Jones has a certain attraction. If he does not participate in the team he wants, then what will stop him from refusing to play for the new team? And, if you listen to the full episode of “Uncontroversial”, you will clearly hear Jones say that he wants to win (which may be why he discounted the deal to the Cowboys so quickly).

Who around the National Football League thinks the Eagles are the winner? They had a bad season, had a new coach, an unproven quarterback, and wanted to start the process of writing this ship. They may one day be winners, but they certainly are not now. Jones knows this just like other football circles.

In other words, from the Eagles’ perspective, it doesn’t seem to make much sense, mainly because of their salary cap restrictions, because they can of course be used at the receiver even after they are selected in the first round of the back-to-back draft. Upgrade, from Jones’s point of view, it doesn’t seem to make any sense, because he continues to chase that elusive Super Bowl ring. However, the Eagles continue to see news related to Jones (and other commercial candidates/free agents with vacancies).

Always “…and the Eagles”.

but why?Well, IThis is a very basic two-part answer.

The first part is Howie Roseman. Not only is he an aggressive general manager in the deal he actually completed, but in all respects, he is also busy on the phone. It is reported that he likes to call as many available players as possible (i.e. 100 people). % Doing the right thing). Doesn’t it hurt? In addition, as we mentioned earlier in this field, Rothman is a master of media manipulation, and many times you can bet that the reason the Eagles contact players is because GM wants them to be players, whether he actually There is no intention to move on. Even for those who cover up and follow the team, this is a super annoying way, but it is also a smart way to play. By doing this, Rothman made the general managers of the rivals keep guessing what they want to make, and it seems that it can appear on almost all players.

Followed by the media and fans. The fanatics of the Eagles consume content wildly. Therefore, the Eagles’ media team is the largest in the country (for any sport), and the national media, sports books, etc. know this. By linking players to the Eagles, you can guarantee to increase your traffic. The Philadelphia website will select your report because they know it will be numbered. Then, Philadelphia fans will gather on your site to get more information and read the full text, and then they will return to another local site with a different view of the original report, and then check the emergency podcast that compares the different views. Then they compare it with what their favorite local radio host said the next morning. rinse. repeat.

We all participated. We all benefit. And we all feel guilty.

National media, local media, fans, you, me… and the Eagles.

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