New Jersey removes mandatory regulations for COVID-19 indoor masks before Memorial Day weekend

As many residents and out-of-state visitors travel to the Jersey Shore during the Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial summer beach season, New Jersey will cancel its indoor mask regulations on Friday.

But Governor Phil Murphy warned that ending the mask requirement does not mean an end to a public health crisis.

Murphy said: “This virus is going viral. There is no doubt. But it has not been defeated.” “We cannot give up our efforts until we win this game and end the pandemic. The cancellation of mask authorization does not mean that The authorization of the joints. The cancellation of the authorization of masks just acknowledges how far we have gone and we will cross the finish line together.”

Masks will still be required in the following indoor settings:

Health care facilities and long-term care facilities
•Corrective facilities
• Homeless shelter
•Airplanes, buses, trains and other forms of public transportation
•Transportation hub, including airport and station
• State offices for the public, such as motor vehicle commission agencies
•Child care center, preschool and youth summer camp
• Elementary and secondary schools

Companies and other entities operating indoor spaces may still require customers and employees to wear masks.

It is strongly recommended that people who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 continue to wear masks in public indoor environments. However, Murphy said that the state will not police the residents, and he said he wants people to be held accountable.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Say fully vaccinated Americans In most indoor and outdoor environments, it is no longer necessary to wear a mask.

In response, New Jersey cancelled its outdoor mask regulations last week. But Murphy chose to keep the indoor mask regulations In place until more residents are vaccinated.

Murphy said: “I don’t have a minute to regret that we spent the extra two weeks to ensure that the sharp decline we started to see in these two cases and hospitalization will continue.” “If in the past two weeks If one more person is vaccinated or another person is prevented from hospitalization or death, then all of us will be in better condition.”

From April 2020, people are only allowed to take off their masks indoors For religious or health reasons, and when eating or drinking.

Murphy said: “There is no doubt that mask authorization is the right choice.” “We know this saves lives.”

The state’s requirement to maintain a six-foot social distancing in all public places will also be lifted on Friday. These include the following settings:

Restaurants and bars
•Retail space
•Personal care institution
• Gym and fitness center
•Entertainment and entertainment facilities, such as casinos
•Religious services
• Funeral and memorial service
•Political activities

In an environment where masks are still needed, social distancing is still needed. If allowed, companies can continue to demand social distancing.

Two other changes will be made on Friday: the dance floors of restaurants and bars that have been closed during the pandemic will be allowed to reopen. Allow customers to stand in the bar to order and consume food and beverages.

New Jersey will remove restrictions on all indoor gatherings in June

Murphy said that indoor party restrictions will no longer appear on June 4.

This will end the general indoor party limit (50 people), some indoor events have an upper limit of 250 people, and a large indoor venue has an upper limit of 30%.

Murphy said: “These steps together, the most obvious sign is that we are committed to seriously and deliberately reopening our country after a truly bleak period of nearly 15 months.”

Current indoor party restrictions in the state Effective Wednesday New Jersey has relaxed most of the restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic, including the expiration of all outdoor capacity restrictions.

For New Jersey to achieve its goal of providing 70% of eligible people with full vaccination by the end of June, there is currently about 87% of the way to go. More than 4 million residents have been fully vaccinated, and more than 8.3 million doses have been vaccinated.

The state reported 300 new COVID-19 infections on Monday, a 93% drop from the beginning of April. New Jersey recorded 699 new COVID-19 hospitalizations, a decrease of 68%. The spread of the coronavirus in the state is 0.64.

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