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BBC announces censorship

The BBC’s Board of Directors announced that it will “review in detail the effectiveness of the BBC’s editorial policies and governance”.

It said in a statement: “As a member of the BBC Board of Directors, we, like many others, are concerned about the findings of Lord Dyson in a 1995 panoramic interview with Diana, Princess of Wales.

“We fully accept Lord Dyson’s findings and reiterate our apologies to all those affected by the identified failures. We recognize that the events described in the events have affected many people, especially those whose lives have been affected. Personal influence. We also recognize that viewers have the right to express expectations of the BBC.

“As the board of directors, we believe that the BBC is now a different organization with different and stronger governance and improved processes. However, Lord Dyson’s report talked about historical oversight failures and should be reflected. We don’t just have to assume the past. The mistakes made cannot be repeated today, and it must be ensured that this is indeed the case.

“We are confident that the BBC’s processes and guidelines today are much stronger than in 1995, but we know that we must also do our best to prevent such incidents from happening again. Therefore, we believe that the BBC’s editorial policy and governance The effectiveness of the review is correct.”

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