Klaytn blockchain launches its new NFT minting service»CryptoNinjas

Ground X, the developer of the public blockchain platform Klaytn, announced today that it has launched the NFT minting service”KrafterSpace“This makes it easy for everyone to create and manage NFTs. KrafterSpace enables users to easily create and manage their digital projects with minimal effort.

Users only need to upload an image or video file to instantly create an NFT on Klaytn. This process will not incur any gasoline costs. Users can then choose to display their NFT on the KraafterSpace homepage displayed next to the NFT of other users.

Right to use

You can visit KraafterSpace through Kaikas, Web browser extension wallet Connect to Klaytn. Users can store NFT in their Kaikas account; it is also supported by the NFT market, Outside sea. Users can sync their OpenSea account with Kaikas wallet to start trading NFTs supported by Klaytn.

Klaytn is the first public blockchain platform supported by OpenSea after Ethereum. OpenSea’s currently available Klaytn-based NFTs include game and sports-related NFT projects issued by blockchain services “Knighttn Five Stars”, “Kingdom Glory” and Project WITH. In the near future, more collectibles, digital art and game items will be available for peer-to-peer transactions.

Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, said: “We invite users, artists and creators to easily build and manage their NFTs on Klaytn and interact with the larger NFT community around the world.”

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