Kardashians latest news-Kim SUED and Kanye West “failed to pay employees” in a $60 million house in Los Angeles on their wedding anniversary before their marriage

Employee SUE KIM in her $60 million house in Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian now Seven of her staff were sued for unpaid wagesHowever, Reality Star attributed the blame to the supplier.

The TV star is accused of not providing rest time for the workers and paying no fees.

In the legal documents obtained TMZ, And confirmed by The Sun, 7 employees who had previously worked for her famous reality star Hidden Mountain Real Estate She is being sued and claimed that they were told they were full-time employees when they were first hired.

However, they claimed that they were treated as independent contractors, which caused them to lose any full-time benefits. Jin was also prosecuted for “failure to pay overtime” and “improper and illegal business practices.”

However, Kim’s representatives told the outlet another story because they claimed that the mother of a family of four hired a third-party supplier to provide continuous maintenance/cleaning services, and the agreement reached between the supplier and the worker She should not be blamed. .

The representative explained that Jin “does not bear any responsibility for how the seller manages its business and the agreements reached directly with them with employees.”

They added: “Jin has never paid the supplier for their services and hopes that the problem between the worker and the supplier who hires them can be resolved as soon as possible.”

According to the lawsuit, a worker claimed that he was fired after inquiring about his rights and the rights of his son… He said that he was only 16 years old, but his working hours exceeded the maximum working hours for minors under the California Labor Law .

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