John Oliver confronted the Republican Phillies candidate Chuck Peruto “Last Week Tonight”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (Larry Krasner) Overwhelmingly defeated challenger Carlos Vega In the Democratic primary election last week, voters clearly reminded people that a lot of noise in the political movement did not accurately reflect their emotions.

Krasner entered election day and was besieged by critics who accused him of the gun violence epidemic at his door and accused him of greater reform efforts to separate from public safety and harm public safety .

Among those critics, his only remaining challenger is defense attorney Chuck Peruto (Chuck Peruto), he was a Democrat transformed into a Republican, and his bizarre personality left Philadelphia voters deep impression.

Peruto, who was not opposed in the Republican primary elections, Just got more than 11,000 votes Last Tuesday. Approximately 5% of the Republicans voted for the candidates.

Since most of the focus is on Krasner and Vega, Peru’s performance is a bit messy.

His weird “The girl in my bathtub” The entry on his campaign website explains why the 26-year-old former paralegal Julia Law (Julia Law) Found dead in his home in 2013. Peruto dated Law for a short time before his death, while on vacation in Avalon. He was not implicated by law enforcement agencies, and the investigation determined that the law was likely to die from alcoholism and drowning, and may be complicated by seizures.

Then it’s weird YouTube campaign video posted by Peruto In February, it won the attention of John Oliver on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday.

In the video, Peruto is a mixture of Frank Rizzo and Frank Costanza. They stayed in the office for 35 minutes (in one breath) and talked about the reasons for his running for DA and Krass. Why does the policy of Nasdaq not work? When Oliver joked, Peruto said: “No one in my family wants to listen to me anymore, so they showed me how to use a webcam.”

The most shocking talk show in Peruto’s video is that he discusses theft and drugs among ethnic minority residents. Is this a question worth discussing? Yes, but in a way, Peruto found this to be the most effective way for him to explore the topic.

Peruto said: “I know about black people as much as I know about black people.” “I don’t say equality, but very good… Criminal activity in their own vicinity is out of control. The policy of not whispering, not giving evidence must be Stop.”

Peruto went on to explain that he would strengthen cooperation with witnesses by offering more rewards, strengthening witness protection, and providing hired personnel as concierge services, so that feared witnesses can enter and exit the courtroom.

Peruto’s videos everywhere and elsewhere exaggerate simple anti-Krasner criticisms, arguing that reform is an excuse for crime.

Peruto said: “Anyone who thinks that punishment will not deter crime is dreaming.” “Punishment is a deterrent to crime.”

Oliver had a great day in Peruto’s campaign video, but this example is indeed part of a larger view of the direction of the political campaign.

Oliver said: “Peruto is unlikely to win, but he did talk about the post-Trump trend. Under extreme trends, cartoonization is not the decisive factor for candidates.” “This is a selling point.”

In a city as democratic as Philadelphia, Krasner’s second term is almost certain.

In the primary election last week, Krasner received more than 125,650 votes, while Vega only had about 62,800. In theory, this is an election with low turnout. If the public’s motives are as strong as the political tone implies, it should have provided a way to overthrow Krasner.

As a leading figure in a wave of progressive local lawyers in the United States, Krasner’s support is based on the growing belief that criminal justice systemic problems contribute to crime, prejudice, cheating, and crime in every corner. The cycle of misconduct-from the prosecutor’s office. To the police station, the courtroom and the community.

This is thanks to Krasner’s campaign, even in the shocking circumstances of the Philadelphia violence, he managed to put this information on the forefront without getting caught up in Peruto’s video screams. Kind of stilt. It’s hard to imagine Krasner going straight to try.

If the main voters have any behavior, it is that they have heard and digested these attacks on Krasner, but they have basically been ruled out during the voting. The challenge Krasner faces is a very lack of evidence-based substantive policy alternatives. These alternatives do not represent the return of voters who have accepted changes in the overall social thinking.

This hardly means that Krasner’s first semester results are not worth reviewing, or that Krasner should See his self-proclaimed mission Overwhelm the uneasy reasons many Philadelphians feel.This could mean running a bold, role-based campaign and making costumes like Philadelphia FOP Use childish hollow stunts to guide them -This is not the winning strategy demonstrated by Trump’s victory in 2016.

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