In the 2021 NFL Draft: After the offensive version, where is the position of the Eagles, not so deep

Although the Philadelphia Eagles can still add a veteran here or there before the start of the season, especially in corners, it is still possible to set a 90% to 95% level. Here, we will study each of their positions and determine their strengths and areas where they still need help starting from the offense.


53 roster projection: Jalen Hurts, Joe Flacco

other: Jamie Newman

Read any rankings of quarterbacks in the NFL offseason, and you will find that “Injury” will always be ranked 5th from the bottom. If you missed our in-depth review of the “Hurts 2020” season, You can find it here. In short, despite Hutts’ fascinating invisible and running ability, he still has a long way to go as a passer, especially his accuracy.

The Eagles have been stockpiling picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, and should be able to use their draft capital at the time to recruit the most potential forwards or veterans. Coupled with the fact that it is easy to observe that the Hawks did not fully support Hutts in the offseason (did not give him the first name, did not weirdly exclude him from marketing materials, etc.), and may conclude This conclusion is that the Hawks themselves did the same. Don’t think he is the answer.

If the injury is severe, it will be Flacco’s moment. Flacco was originally It was painful to watch with the Jets last season.

Are the Eagles in good shape relative to the rest of the league? I guess there is an argument that they are much better than some of the teams there: (a) no quarterback can play a Super Bowl game, and (b) there is not much flexibility in the game to find one next year. At least the Hawks have the latter. And now, they will look at Hutts in a season that is unlikely to compete for the Super Bowl. If he was a surprise, that would be great. If not, you can guide them accordingly.

But it is clear that because they are not on the roster this offseason, their form in quarterbacks is not good compared to the rest of the league.

Run back

53 roster projection: Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenny Gainwell, Kerryon Johnson, Jason Huntley ( Jason Huntley)

other: Jordan Howard, Adrian Killings, Elijah Holyfield

In the first two seasons of the league, Sanders’ career has been very interesting. He entered the NFL as a rookie in 2019. He is worried about whether he can pass the protection, catch the football and insist on playing it, as if he would not lose it. He has no worries about running with the ball. It turns out that he was struggling at the beginning of that season, but he was better than expected in three areas.

In 2020, he performed well, but he did not perform well as a receiver and pass protector. Oh, he fumbled four times.

When Sanders admitted that he was a runner, his efforts left a deep impression on me, and he successfully corrected it. He is not a player who believes he will make mistakes and has a realistic attitude towards the quality of the game. This gives me reason to believe that he can make the necessary adjustments so that many of us think he may become a high-level talent in 2020. Obviously, he is very talented.

As for the rest, this is a good set of backups. Scott is very effective in screen games, so if the Hawks can solve offensive problems under Nick Ciliani’s leadership, he may be able to play this role again. Gainwell should immediately become the third down type, and veterans like Johnson and Howard can fight for fourth place.

Are the Eagles in good shape relative to the rest of the league? Yes it is. Except for Sanders, the Hawks lack fresh skills between the legs, but this is a group of skilled people with good depth.

Wide receiver

53 roster projection: DeVonta Smith, Jalen Reagor, Travis Fulgham, Greg Ward, Quez Watkin Quez Watkins, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, John Hightower

other: Trevon Grimes, Jhamon Ausbon, Khalil Tate

With the addition of Smith, the Hawks’ wide receiver group looks better than last year (duh), when DeSean Jackson was probably the “biggest wide receiver.” He may be a star player. Just wait and see.

Otherwise, the Eagles need Reagor to make strides in the second year, and for someone, it’s step by step and surpassing Greg Ward as the third WR option in the passing game, and Fulgham is the best candidate.

Are the Eagles in good shape relative to the rest of the league? Few teams in the NFL will trade their wide receivers for the Eagles. Even if Smith will bring the excitement and excitement of offense, it may still be the top five on paper.

Tight end

53 roster projection: Dallas Goedert (Dallas Goedert), Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers), Caleb Wilson (Caleb Wilson)

other: Zach Ertz, Jason Croom, Hakeem Butler, Tyree Jackson, Jack Stoll

The tight situation of the Hawks is still unresolved. People still expect the Eagles to trade or release Zach Etz sometime after June 1, and hope that they will then add a veteran to the lineup like Rogers.

Goedert performed well in the final quarter, but he hasn’t exploded yet and has had a good season from start to finish. The people behind him are marginal people like Wilson and Croom, or Butler and Jackson lotteries.

Are the Eagles in good shape relative to the rest of the league? Goldt is undoubtedly one of the top ten in the NFL, but assuming Elz is a walker, there is no depth behind him.

Offensive line

53 roster projection: Jordan Mailata, Isaac Seumalo, Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, Land Johnson ), Landon Dickerson, Andre Dillard, Jack Driscoll, Nate Herbig

other: Matt Pryor, Brett Toth, Sua Opeta, Luke Juriga, Kayode Awosika, Casey Tucker, Ross Pierschbacher, Harry Crider

The health of the Hawks offensive line may help determine whether the team will exceed expectations in 2021. in case Johnson’s ankle can be supported, in case Brooks can again successfully recover from Achilles’ Tears, and in case Kelce can continue to perform at a high level at her own age, and in case Mailata can continue to improve, or Dillard can stand out from his current bankruptcy, and in case Dickerson can recover from his ACL and can make positive contributions as a rookie, and then the O line can take on offense. Obviously, there is no shortage of “if”.

Are the Eagles in good shape relative to the rest of the league? There are major problems with the offensive line of many teams, so yes, even if a group of aging players are injured in 2020, the offensive line of the Eagles is still more enviable.

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