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Ali Mohamed Ali Abdul Rahman faces 31 charges, including persecution, murder, torture and rape.

Prosecutors accused a man of being a “fear and respect” militia leader in a deadly attack in Sudan’s “Darfur” conflict, which was the result of the first trial of violence conducted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The war crimes prosecutor said on Monday that Ali Mohamed Ali Abdul Rahman, also known as Ali Kusab, was a “Janjaweed” supported by thousands of governments during the peak of the conflict from 2003 to 2004. The senior commander of the soldier.

Abd-Al-Rahman, wearing a mask and dark suit, did not speak. Court officials read out 31 charges against him, including persecution, murder, torture and rape.

Although his defense team argued in an earlier legal document that Abdul Rahman is not a person known as Ali Kushab, he still did not submit a defense.

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, stated in the confirmation of the hearing that she would show that Abd-Al-Rahman had launched attacks on towns and villages , And was involved in more than 300 murders and attacks, forcing 40,000 civilians, mainly fur tribes, to leave their homes.

She said at the hearing: “The evidence shows that Mr. Abdul Rahman was a knowing, willing and energetic perpetrator of these crimes.”

She said: “During the time he was accused, he was a senior leader of the notorious Yanjaweed militia in Wadi Saleh and Mukhar. Colonel’ the same.”

Darfur violence

The conflict in Darfur broke out in 2003, when most non-Arab insurgents raised arms to the Sudanese government, accusing the Sudanese government of ignoring the arid western region.

Khartoum mobilized most of the Arab militias to suppress the rebellion and launched a wave of violence. The United States and some militants called it genocide.

Abd-Al-Rahman (Abd-Al-Rahman) surrendered in June last year and faces a pending arrest warrant. He is the first suspect to be tried in an international court because of the conflict.

The former leader of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, faces accusations that the International Criminal Court orchestrates genocide and other atrocities in Darfur. He was removed from office in 2019 and stayed in Khartoum. Mu prison.

Sudan is not a party to the court, but the UN Security Council submitted the situation in Darfur to the court in The Hague in 2005.

Defence lawyer Cyril Laucci (Cyril Laucci) stated that he intends to challenge the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court for crimes committed in Darfur due to a referral by the United Nations.

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