Five men have been charged with manslaughter. The men were “beaten to death” outside the Badabin strip club of the women’s high school music team.

A man in New Jersey was fatally beaten outside a strip club, which is often the scene of other screen crimes on the popular HBO show “The Sopranos.”

Marko Guberovic, 38, was beaten by five men outside the satin doll strip club before 4 a.m. Saturday morning, which appeared on the HBO show as Bada Bing.

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Marko Guberovic was beaten by five men and then fatally shot in a car in New JerseyCredit: Facebook

Police said Guberovic only had an argument with these people on the shoulders of Highway 17, where they exchanged words before becoming weak.

The court documents stated that Guberovic “was eventually beaten several times, fell, and fell on the fast lane,” Voice of the day report.

At that time, the five people jumped into a 2006 Jeep Cherokee and walked out on the way away from the person.

Unfortunately, a 2020 BMW M8 was driven by a man who was drinking and was speeding at the time and torn down the street.

These guys beat him outside the strip club that was well-known by the female high school music team

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These guys beat him outside the strip club that was well-known by the female high school music teamCredit: Getty

The police said that a few seconds later, the car hit Guberovic and dragged him away from the strip club.

Police on Saturday arrested 22-year-old Kevin Agudelo and Christian Reyes, and 23-year-old Julio Pena, who committed serious manslaughter and threatened the injured victim and were detained in Bergen County Prison.

Brothers Ardian Hoti, 23, and Fero Hoti, 24, were also arrested on Long Island and detained in Nassau County while awaiting trial.

A kind GoFundMe Since the creation of the name Guberovic, it has almost reached its goal of $15,000.

The organizer wrote: “Beloved son, brother, uncle and friend Marko unfortunately passed away at the age of 38.”

“He will illuminate any room he walks into with the infamous WOOOOOOOO™, and put a smile on everyone’s face. He is the most sincere soul and will be deeply missed by many people.”

“If you know Marko, you know that he will not hesitate to remove the shirt from your back for anyone in need. His kindness is unparalleled.”

“Go on, Marko does everything we can. This is our chance to do it for him and his family.”

“Please let them continue to pray. His mother, father and sister; but especially his niece Tessa, this is the absolute brilliance of his life.”

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