Five likes and dislikes in 76 first wins against Washington

The 76ers didn’t play in the first game and blew the Washington Wizards’ door, but they did what a top seed with a break could not do-they won the first game of the playoffs. During the playoffs, clear execution and high-level game skills are required, but in Sunday’s game, winning a 1-0 lead and maintaining home court advantage is the most important. mission completed.

We have discussed Outstanding Tobias Harris performance, The atmosphere of South Philly and many other breakdowns in Sunday’s game. So, let’s start with everyone’s favorite split player and analyze some of the things I liked and disliked in Philadelphia’s defeat of Wiz.

Like: Ben Simmons’s game

In the NBA night, the total number of assists does not represent the influence of the player’s passing. Hell, Wizards guard Russell Westbrook is often regarded by many as a hunting cannon.But in the opener of the playoffs on Sunday, you will feel every point of Simmons’s 15 assists. Even if you don’t have one, Simmons’ head coach is happy to share how he Watching Simmons’s performance.

Doc Rivers said on Sunday: “I think he is very special tonight.” “He created a lot of points for us tonight. From the glass to 3 o’clock, from the transition to 3 o’clock, created they do not want to have Switch. I mean he’s just a treasure, he’s something you can’t see. He just, he has such different skills, many people can’t do one of them, what I see is his greatness, I I just hope that he will continue to do it. He is doing it.”

No matter how you think of him as a scorer, Simmons is a dangerous and keen passer in any situation. Since he can’t find the shot/pass balance that people like, sometimes his actual passing ability will drop, but his skill level cannot be questioned. On several occasions on Sundays, the combination of Simmons’s speed and position was jaw-dropping.

For example, take the transition ball at the end of George Hill’s layup game. Rui Hachimura stared at Simmons, preparing to stop the pass. In any case, his ball flew up, hitting Hill in an amazing way, which seemed to surprise Hill:

This script looks much easier than it actually is. And this kind of advanced pass has been the same in the first game. Simmons did improve his scoring in the third quarter of the game, and finally ended with Seth Curry’s three people. There was a deafening roar from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center.

As far as Rivers is concerned, Simmons’ ability to integrate his skills into the killer sequence is very special. His height relative to the other players in his position gives the 76ers a competitive advantage on the glass, and the Embiid-Harris-Simmons trio can clean up (or expand) a lot of property on its own. Simmons sitting on the dunk court is not all sunshine and rainbows to Philadelphia, but it puts him in a good position that can cause chaos on the offensive glass.

He had eight offensive rebounds against Washington. The difference between Simmons and many on offensive rebounds is that he is always ready to find an open teammate after the second chance.

If not, it would be a perfect day for Simmons on Sunday.

Dislike: Ben Simmons’ free throw

For a long time, he completely controlled the game. This is the most likely thing Simmons will do. still His performance managed to spark controversy and hurt feelings.

It is not good to get 0/6 from the stripes, but relative to their skill level, everyone has bad days at the free throw line. This is something you can do quickly. The problem with Simmons is that it is normal for the free throw percentage to be below the standard, which affects how the 76ers attack at critical moments. The situation remains the same, surrounded by many different rosters and coached by brand new staff.

As mentioned above, Simmons is sitting where he dunks, or even around the rim, which is not a problem in itself. Even if he continues to ignore the scoring part of the game, the 76ers can get value from him. What they can’t have is Simmons powering up the defense, saying that he is not interested in putting the ball on a given possession.

This is exactly what happened in the intense game on Sunday. Simmons may have a physical advantage over Davis Bertans here, but he didn’t land there to win a one-on-one fight, he was out of the hell of the ball there:

For a really good team, this will be even more important. Embiid shouldn’t stand out here-after all, he is the guy who actually turned the ball over-but in an ideal world, he wouldn’t be required to create opportunities from the periphery at critical moments.

Like: George Hill’s versatility

In a scattered game where foul troubles affect their best players, the 76ers need someone to provide stability on the bench. Hill was the one who provided the racquet for Philadelphia, which bodes well for their somewhat uneven deadlines in the final weeks of the season.

After the game Doc Rivers said: “He is great tonight.” “His voice is very good. He settled the second group. They stretched out and struggled a bit. I think George will take them. You can See it on the floor. It’s great to be able to defend him, let him defend other people, you don’t fool him, he will become strong. So he is very happy to join the team.”

Hill has shown versatility in the confrontation with Washington, with veteran guards making contingency between point guards and point guards. This is why he has been able to adapt to so many different winning teams over the years-you can basically play Hill in any lineup and be confident that he will be in the right position, doing the right things and making his life easier. The result is teammate.

For example, helping the team become a cutter is often a wing/forward force, but Hill has enough off-court representatives to become an influential cutter in Philadelphia. In this series, he will use his unstable defensive instincts against guards. If the Wizards want to use Hill’s people to send extra help to Embiid, the veterinarian will punish them every time.

It’s worth noting that Rivers decided to replace Hill at a critical juncture to avoid a strange cross-match between Seth Curry and Davis Bertans. If Scott Scott Brooks decided to rely more on Bertan, and we can see more. If the Wizards go that way, Rivers won’t worry about using Hill-he is a tough and long-term defender who can slip at the screen and prevent Bertans from getting the interval he needs to set jump shots. Hill is off to a good start to the playoffs.

Dislike: Transitional defense, as usual

I will not beat you with this video. It is safe to say that their transitional defense was absolutely terrible in the first half, because the 76ers tightened after the intermission.

After the game, Doc Rivers said: “I didn’t like all of this in the first half. The second half was great.” “In the first half, I want to say that their 20 points came from our chaos in the transition. Guys ran back to their own men. , Guys didn’t play. I mean, this team forces you to put the ball on the ball and then back to your guy in all the teams. I don’t think we did a great job. I think that’s very good in the second half. Great, so tomorrow we have a blueprint and we will pass.”

Okay, sorry, I want to play at least one clip for you. This was just one of the many “chaos” the Sixers committed in the first half. After rookie Tyrese Maxey decided to put Beal in the corner instead of cutting off the path to the rim, Bo Bertans walked in for a dunk. You can see what Simmons expects him to do, because when Maxey makes the space he deserves, he is turning to prevent a potential pass to Beal.

This mistake angered the experienced 76ers, so that Maxey’s major highlight in the game was that the traffic flow of the next round reached an end, followed by a conversation between Simmons and Co.. Maxey is a guy criticized by his teammates, which is unfair based on how bad they are as a group, but the need for these conversations at this point this year shows that the group is inefficient in defense during breaks.they are still Try to figure out their responsibilities, and this is not where you want to enter the playoffs.

Like: Doc Rivers adjusts his rotation

Frankly, I’m not sure we can say that we know what Doc Rivers’ playoff rotation looks like, because an earlier game fouled by Embiid was a complete defeat for the 76ers. That being said, Rivers did a very important thing in his first playoff game with the 76ers-he got rid of what seemed to be his preferred strategy and made some slight adjustments to the rotation. To get rid of the player who does not have that player.

Furkan Korkmaz (Furkan Korkmaz) has always been Rivers’ rotation. There is no doubt about that, but he sucked this joint in the first half. Although Washington chose to open his eyes, he Missed a three-pointer. In the regular season, maybe Rivers will follow him anyway, and hope that Kokmaz can finally profit from these styles. He decided not to prevail in Sunday’s playoff opener and let Kokmaz replace the young Maxi in the second half.

Maxey didn’t record any scoring in the penalty area within five minutes of the second half of the second half, but because of Rivers’ track record at these moments, he made important conversions. There are many reasons why his team has experienced a playoff collapse, but one of the important reasons is that he insists on going and sticking to his original plan, no matter how bad the progress is. Last year, Montrez Harrell (Montrez Harrell) was bullied to the point of 3-1 lead is his last straw in Los Angeles.So far, it can be questioned that The version of Rivers will reappear in the playoffs.

I still don’t think Rivers will be a big adjuster in the playoffs, but in any case, I am more tolerant than most people. Maintaining your identity and believing that it is enough to make you through difficult times makes sense to me, especially when you are the first seed of the meeting. These subtle personnel management actions can change the world, and I am encouraged by the way Rivers decided to completely change the status quo in the first game.

Now, if he can start working, understand the value of the challenge…

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