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EU countries agree Strengthen sanctions After the Minsk regime caused a global uproar by intercepting Ryanair flights, it imposed sanctions on Belarus and banned its state-owned airlines from taking off from the group’s airport.

European leaders meeting in Brussels on Monday night agreed on a “targeted” economic response, which is expected to target companies and oligarchs accused of funding President Alexander Lukashenko’s 27-year rule.

The 27-member group called for the immediate release of the leading opposition militant Roman Protasevich and his partner Sofia Sapega, who fell behind on Sunday after the authorities forced the plane to land. Detained in Minsk. The Belarusian regime intercepted a flight from Greece to Lithuania, sparking condemnation from Western countries and fears that other dictatorships might try to provide weapons to the sky.

Central Europe reporter James Shotter and Moscow correspondent Max Seddon explained how Protasevich became One of Lukashenko’s favorite goals.

  • View: The hijacking and kidnapping of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus set a dangerous global precedent. Gideon Rachman said.

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The Group of Seven (G7) is about to impose taxes on the world’s largest companies The seven major advanced economy groups are close to reaching an agreement. Corporate Taxation of Multinational Companies, Paving the way for global transactions later this year, creating new rules for the collection of taxes on the world’s largest companies. An agreement can be reached as soon as Friday.

Indian police visit Twitter office after Twitter trip Indian police have Visited the local office After the host of the social media company Twitter marked the tweets of the spokesperson of the ruling party as potentially misleading.

Jack Ma resigns as president of business school Billionaire will Outgoing president Students from Huban University, an elite business school he founded six years ago, suppressed the influence of the founder of Alibaba in the entire Chinese society in Beijing.

Iron ore prices fall after China warns of “excessive speculation” The price of iron ore, a raw material for steelmaking Fell sharply Previously, China said it would pay attention to the worries caused by rising inflation, and it would work to reduce the price soaring and combat the monopoly of the bulk commodity market.

Saudi Arabia hopes to raise $55 billion through privatization Kingdom hope Increase the sum Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan told the Financial Times that in the next four years, as the government plans to strengthen its nascent privatization plan, the government is trying to increase revenue and reduce its growing budget deficit.

China warns of safety after 21 days of death in ultramarathon Chinese authorities have Warning organizer After 21 athletes were killed in extreme weather in a race in the northwest of the country, many times in cross-country ultramarathons often put profits ahead of safety.

One day in the future

The year George Floyd was murdered The legislators in Washington are May miss the deadline Set by US President Joe Biden to reach an agreement on federal police reform legislation on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder on Tuesday.Biden is set to Meet Freud’s family Tuesday. (FT, CNBC)

On Friday, the sacrifice will remain on George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota © REUTERS

On Friday, the sacrifice will remain on George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota © REUTERS

Negotiations on U.S.-Iranian Nuclear Agreement The two countries will hold what the delegates hope Last round of talks After Iran and the global nuclear watchdog expanded the technology agreement to continue discussions, the Obama-era nuclear agreement was restored. (Al Jazeera)

Brinken travels to the Middle East U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken will begin a visit Israel, West Bank, Jordan and Egypt At the request of President Joe Biden to ensure assistance to Gaza on the basis of last week’s ceasefire agreement. (Associated Press)

David Lawler, President of BP America, will be one of the speakers at the opening ceremony Energy Conference.Register Here Participate in the two-day event.

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Why Malaysia’s “Eurostar Asia” program derailed Malaysia and Singapore rely on cross-border commuters.A kind Cross-border high-speed rail project It is expected that it will further accelerate this economic integration before it becomes a victim of politics earlier this year.

Economic reform is vital to improving the lives of black Americans The few jobs created last month surprised many people. But Taylor Nicole Rogers, a labor and equality reporter for the Financial Times, showed another number: Black american unemployed The unemployment rate rose to 9.7%, while the overall unemployment rate was 6.1%.

  • View: Entrepreneurs can help achieve economic justice, Damien Dwin wrote, Founder and CEO of Lafayette Square

“I don’t want to be the kind of person who refuses” Christopher Ahn said he just wanted to help.Former U.S. Marines and children of Korean immigrants become one Volunteers of the Cheollima Civil Defense Organization Help the North Koreans escape from the Kim Jong Un regime. He is now caught in the crosshairs of international law and may face time in jail. (BuzzFeed News)

European influence in conflict zones For the first time, the European Group was allowed Arming the government in the name of counter-terrorism, To protect civilians and stabilize fragile countries. This funding will come from a newly established 5 billion euro fund, known as the “European Peace Fund” in some cases.

The boss is back, but the worker stays at home In New York and other big cities, CEOs have returned to the office, and this is usually where their power lies and the most precious environment.However, statistics show that their workers Feel different To their workplace.

Celebrating the breaking of mold in old age new podcast Shamefully grow old According to its introduction, it is composed of “extraordinary stories told by extraordinary people”. Most contributors are over 70 years old, so we rarely hear these people in podcasts. More importantly, everyone made the choice to eliminate stereotypes in their later years.

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British holidaymakers stay at home as they struggle to make an amber list

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