Desmond proposes plans to help restaurants rebound

San Diego-San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond (Jim Desmond) proposed a plan on Monday that would allow businesses to provide reimbursable meal discounts, extending the lifeline to local restaurants.

Desmond said that the plan was successful in the UK and led to a 200% increase in restaurant business.

“I think this is a great opportunity for our business, especially the catering industry… to gain a foothold again. As soon as possible, not later,” Desmond said.

Under the “Eating Out and Help” program, customers will receive a 50% discount on meal costs, or up to $10 per person. The restaurant will refund in full.

Restaurants are one of the industries most affected by the disaster. According to data from the San Diego Government Association, in the first week of April 2020, restaurants were one of the worst-hit areas at the beginning of the pandemic, and the amount of walking dropped by 60% to 77%. As of January 2021, the San Diego area is at the purple level, and various business activities have continued to decline, 26% to 61% lower than the level before COVID-19.

“His heart is to help small businesses and support our communities,” said Michael Mitsoglou, vice president of franchising at Broken Yolk Café.

Janis Deady, the store manager of Sports Brewhouse Pizza in Oggi, said: “We may do it, but some companies will not. There are some employees who will not do it. It is this type of plan that only costs $10. , 10 dollars from the government can help.”

Desmond’s proposal is scheduled to be voted on by the supervisory board on June 5. The plan will target slower days in restaurants: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A total of $50 million will be funded through the American Rescue Plan Act.

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