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Lisk, A platform for building blockchain applications using JavaScript, today released a roadmap to achieve complete ecosystem interoperability; each stage is represented by a different gem.

Revealed in Lisk.js eventsThe implementation of Lisk’s Sapphire phase will begin immediately and will center on the release of the highly anticipated Lisk custom interoperability solution, which will connect the entire Lisk ecosystem for the first time.

route map

The new roadmap outlines the network’s transition from Quartz to Diamond and describes the features that have been continuously enhanced as the technology passes through six unique roadmap phases.

Currently, in the fourth phase of Emerald, which represents its new starting point and state of health, the Lisk network will now transition to its Sapphire phase, bringing full interoperability to the Lisk blockchain application platform. The following is a chronological list of the phases outlined in the Lisk roadmap.

  • quartz – Achieved on May 24, 2016, representing the launch of Lisk Core v0, MVP and Lisk network.
  • amber – Lisk Core v1 was implemented on August 16, 2018, creating a stable network with limited functions.
  • ruby – Implemented on July 23, 2019, built with the newly introduced Lisk Core v2 Lisk SDK.
  • emerald – This year, it will be implemented through Lisk Core v3 built using Lisk SDK v5, which has a number of protocol improvements, such as a new charging system, a new address system and a new consensus algorithm.
  • sapphire – Introduce Lisk interoperability, which will be implemented immediately on May 21, 2021.
  • diamond – Extend the interoperability protocol to third-party blockchains to achieve complete ecosystem interoperability, which will be achieved through “Lisk Bridges”.

“In conceptualizing the roadmap to achieve complete ecosystem interoperability, we were shocked by the image of diamonds, the multifaceted symbols of invincibility, purity and perfection, which represent everything we hope to achieve. To achieve this, Lisk will The most direct way to traverse gems is to pass through Emerald to Sapphire, which is the final form of the Lisk blockchain application platform: diamonds to open up the path to the future. The next few months will be very exciting, and we encourage developers to visit us through Interact with the loyal community and get involved immediately.”
– Max Kordek, CEO and co-founder of Lisk


Lisk demonstrated its well-researched interoperability solution on Lisk.js, and subsequently published a series of research papers called LIP (Lisk Improvement Proposals). Each of the 17 LIPs on interoperability details a study aimed at achieving Lisk interoperability. Lisk will release each LIP before implementation to allow continuous peer review and community feedback, as well as a gradual and transparent implementation.

Diamond is the final stage of Lisk’s roadmap. It will achieve full interoperability with other blockchain protocols. Possible candidates include Ethereum and Polkadot, thereby enhancing the scalability of the entire industry. Although blockchain networks differ in terms of security, privacy, and throughput, interoperability will allow for cross-communication between different networks. Avoid obstacles related to different blockchain networks. The continued expansion and innovation of the blockchain interoperability space will bring greater accessibility, allowing mass use and mass adoption.

Lisk is a Open source blockchain application platform The company was founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows and raised more than 14,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in the initial coin offering, making it one of the most successful crowdfunding at the time. With the goal of making blockchain technology available to everyone; Lisk’s Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to build blockchain applications using JavaScript, the most widely used programming language in the world.

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