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Algorand Proof-of-stake blockchain platformAnnounced today that its open connector API is now available SAP Business Center, Provides much-needed interoperability between SAP enterprise applications on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) or independent SAP Clients and the Algorand protocol.

The connector enables SAP users to seamlessly access the blockchain, which can scale to billions of users, meet the speed required by today’s business needs, ensure the finality of the data and asset security on the chain, and lower transaction costs .

Algorand + SAP

As an enterprise-ready blockchain, Algorand solves the inherent challenges of the first generation of distributed ledgers by simultaneously providing speed, security, scalability, etc. It can complete thousands of transactions per second on a finalized blockchain with thousands of blocks per second. The blockchain is mathematically guaranteed not to be forked and can be deployed in production environments. application.

SAP Cloud Platform supports the cloud-first deployment of SAP / Hana ecosystem products, and is particularly suitable for connecting multiple stakeholder applications through shared workflows and data sets in a secure and enterprise-compliant environment.

In addition to performance, Algorand’s functions can also support innovative cloud-native SAP applications in multiple verticals that can perform transaction services, verification and security, smart contracts, asset tokenization, payments, and fintech applications And many other blockchain use cases, so that the world will embrace and play a leading role in the fundamental transformation of the entire enterprise in redefining finance and other fields.

The API connector between Algorand and SAP is made by Mantat Innovation, Is a technology provider of enterprise full-stack solutions, with special attention to artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions.

“SAP’s customers include some of the most savvy companies in the world. When they turn to blockchain to improve transparency, security and business efficiency, the integration of Algorand and SAP will expand their core systems with high-performance blockchains for these leading companies. Integration opportunities. We look forward to further enhancing SAP’s ability to support blockchain adoption through our shared commitment to innovation.”
– W. Sean Ford, Chief Operating Officer of Algorand

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